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Oakdale receives $6,000 library grant!

Posted on: December 6, 2016
Oakdale receives $6,000 library grant!

The Oakdale Elementary School library has a lot to cheer about this holiday season, after receiving a $6,000 grant from James Patterson and Scholastic. In March, Patterson and the Scholastic Reading Club, announced that they would be giving back to school libraries nationwide as part of the School Library Campaign.  

“Nearly half of the American population reads at or below a basic level, and we need to address that problem to foster an informed future electorate,” James Patterson said. “I’ve made it my mission to underscore the vital role reading plays in children’s lives, and the need to sustain school libraries is at the heart of that mission.”

After learning about the grant, Mrs. Seaburn, the school librarian, applied for the grant. Among thousands of applications, Oakdale was selected to receive one. “I can’t describe how thankful I am to receive the $6,000 James Patterson Grant,” Seaburn said. “So many of our titles in our library are worn, written in, colored on, Kool-Aid spattered or just plain falling apart. This grant will allow us to replace many books and get the needed supplies to keep them nice for a long time.”

To help encourage literacy throughout the school, Oakdale will be using the money to help purchase new books, library supplies and their “Reading Olympics” incentives for the students. Seaburn is excited for what the grant will bring to Oakdale and added, “I believe that if we keep the students engaged with the newest, most popular books, their love of reading will grow and grow. Thanks James Patterson and Scholastic for making our library dreams come true!”

To learn more about Patterson and the Scholastic Reading Club library grants visit http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/press-release/james-patterson-scholastic-reading-club-announce-2016-patterson-pledge-school-library-.