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Substitute levy: May 2, 2017 –>NO additional taxes

Posted on: January 24, 2017
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At the Monday, January 23 board meeting, our Board of Education unanimously passed the Resolution to Proceed with a 4.82 mill substitute levy in the May 2, 2017 election.

The Resolution to Proceed is the final step to place this issue on the ballot.

Frequently Asked Questions – click here to download a PDF version

  1. Will the substitute levy increase my taxes?
  • No (assuming property valuations remain stable). 
  1. Why does the District need the substitute levy?
  • The community supported a 5-year Emergency levy in 2013. Funding from the emergency levy will expire in 2018.  The substitute levy will begin collection in 2019 on a continual basis and will provide a seamless transition in District funding as the 2013 emergency levy expires. 
  1. How will the District allocate resources generated from the substitute levy?
  • Resources from the substitute levy will be used for operational needs of the District and shall not be used for capital improvements or infrastructure needs. 
  1. What will happen if the substitute levy passes?
  • Passage of the levy will enable the District to continue to provide the highest quality of education within our current funding levels. 
  1. What will happen if the substitute levy fails?
  • The District will need to reevaluate all areas of operations including staffing levels, curricular programs offered and extracurricular programs offered. 
  1. How does my tax rate compare to other school districts?
  • Over 85% of school districts in Hamilton County assess a higher tax rate than Oak Hills. 
  1. What percentage of funding benefits the District’s students?
  • 73% of Oak Hills’ expenditures go directly to classroom instruction (67% is the State average).

For additional financial information, including stewardship components, please visit ohlsd.us, or contact Steven R. Bain, Treasurer at 513-574-3200.