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A record 49 OHHS students honored at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Posted on: January 29, 2024 9:00 am
OHHS Art & Design

Congratulations to these very talented OHHS Art and Design students on their accomplishments this year in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. A record 49 students were recognized with honors at this year's competition.                        




Art Portfolio: Honorable Mention
Rylee Dissinger

This highly competitive category is based upon submission of a series of 6 distinct works that communicate a single cohesive idea or visual investigation and accompanying artist statement. 

Gold Key Winners

Below are the works that earned Gold Keys, the highest level of achievement on the regional level. Approximately 7 – 10% of all regional submissions are recognized with Gold Key Awards and all are considered for national-level recognition.

Molly Audretch "Tapped Out" Gold Key
Milo Butts "Apple Teeth" Gold Key
Isabelle Dellecave "Shapes and Hands" Gold Key
Grace Gray "Hugh Me" Gold Key
Grace Gray "Something Fishy is Going on Here" Gold Key
Aubrey Laib "Empty Vessels" Gold Key
Cora Mundstock "I'm Not Free Yet; Even Years Later" Gold Key
Finley Nguyen "Promises" Gold Key
Jordan Tinsley "Childhood Treasures" Gold Key
Sophia Wehman "Overflow" Gold Key

Silver Key Winners

Approximately 10 – 15% of all regional submissions are recognized with Silver Key Awards.

Molly Audretch "Burning Bright" Silver Key
Molly Audretch "Effervesce" Silver Key
Bethany Bachman "Reflections" Silver Key
Milo Butts "Virus" Silver Key
Anna Caito "Bedhead" Silver Key
Scout Estes "Friday Nights" Silver Key
Austin Haarmeyer "Voids" Silver Key
Annika Kauenberg "Sea Life" Silver Key
Finley Nguyen "Gunk" Silver Key
Finley Nguyen "Phlegm" Silver Key
Sophia Reid "Glaring" Silver Key
Ethan Ridder "Chromatic" Silver Key
Annie Riley "Growing Through It" Silver Key
Kaylyn Schirmer "Fall Ball" Silver Key
Leah Stolla "Anxious Thoughts" Silver Key

Honorable Mentions

Approximately 15 – 20% of all regional submissions receive Honorable Mention Awards.

Brayden Asman "The Swarming Shark" Honorable Mention
Emma Brunner "Sunrise" Honorable Mention
Abby Burst "Peace Mandala" Honorable Mention
Anna Caito "Don't Eat Crayons" Honorable Mention
Miles Frisch "Picture the Pitchers" Honorable Mention
Aubree Fuson "Unpacking Mortality" Honorable Mention
Grace Gray "The Lonely Mushroom Man" Honorable Mention
Kalli Langdon "Pop of Play" Honorable Mention
Rain Magrum "In the Dark" Honorable Mention
Rain Magrum "Phases" Honorable Mention
Sophia McCarthy "Final Peace" Honorable Mention
Cora Mundstock "Candles and Chromebooks" Honorable Mention
Cora Mundstock "Changing Horizons"
Emily Ott "Social Media Rollercoaster" Honorable Mention
Brenna Schirmer "Guard Duty" Honorable Mention
Lizzie Schreibeis "Stark" Honorable Mention
Leah Stolla "The Wake Up" Honorable Mention
Jordan Tinsley "Fawn & Fern" Honorable Mention
Jamie Turner "Emperor of Realms" Honorable Mention
Seth Wahof "Tentacle Reef" Honorable Mention
Lydia Wilson "Bone Yard" Honorable Mention

The Herb Block FoundationEditorial Cartoon Award

Cora Mundstock "Land Invasion" Honorable Mention