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Mental Health

Mental Health Disorders in Children

According to the surgeon general, approximately one out of every five children has a diagnosable mental illness.*

Mental illnesses are usually caused by a combination of factors that fall into four broad categories:  environmental, genetic, biological, and psychological.*

As children grow mentally and physically, they may experience anxiety, anger or shyness. These symptoms may be part of their development or just a temporary condition.  If abnormal or worrisome behaviors last for a period of time, or are disruptive to their everyday lives, this could be considered a disorder.  Diagnosis usually begins with a doctor looking for a physical reason, and if there is none, the doctor may refer the child to a psychologist or psychiatrist for further evaluation.

Some common symptoms of Mental Health Disorders in children are:

Hyperactivity, easily distracted, impulsive
Bathroom Issues
Feelings of sadness or moodiness
Eating problems
Disruptive Behavior
Learning Disabilities
Involuntary movements or tics
Distorted thoughts and feelings
Refusal to come to school

Schools are often where students’ mental health needs are discovered and where support is provided.*  

Open communication between home and school is essential.

If you suspect your child is struggling with mental health concerns our Children's Hospital here in town has resources available to you.

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How is mental illness in children diagnosed?