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Parent Information

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Health Room Nurses recommend that your child consistently see the same pediatrician or family physician over the course of your child's pediatric years (birth to 21 years old).  Sometimes this is referred to as a "medical home". The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) continues to emphasize the great importance of continuity of care and the need to avoid fragmentation of care.  Building a relationship with a doctor over time has its benefits,  They get to know your child and your family and they can detect changes in your child's health status.

A consistent pediatrician or family physician can:

  • provide preventative care services, including immunizations, developmental checks and health care screenings
  • provide continuity of care over a period of time
  • facilitate access to specialists
  • interact with school and community agencies to coordinate care
  • provide a location for storage of the patients complete medical record

Preventing illness and disease is our goal.  Well visits are recommended by the AAP annually from age 3 to age 21. We understand that when kids are healthy, it is difficult to take time out for those regular check-ups.  But even in the teenage years, Doctors are screening for potential problems.  And while health care visits can be expensive, often catching a problem early is much less expensive than a catastrophic illness later on.  

We have attached a list of resources on our website, it has a few medical, dental and mental health providers in this area   We also included information on discounted services or free services for those who qualify, as well as information on applying for Medicaid. Immunization requirements from the Ohio Board  of Health are also attached.

Parents please send in to the school nurse an updated copy of your child's shot/immunization record when they receive a booster.

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