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Mrs. Seaburn Says:
“READ. It’s always fun to fun to have an adventure just by turning the pages of a book.”

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Accelerated Reader News

A wonderful way to gauge a student’s reading ability is through the Renaissance Learning “Accelerated Reading” program.  Students can read a story then take an “accelerated reader” test pertaining to that story. Teachers test the students quarterly using an associated program call “STAR READING”. After the test is completed a “ZPD” is generated. This will tell you the “Zone” or reading range your child is capable of reading and understanding. (ie. A ZPD range of 3.1-4.2 means your child’s reading range is from the third year, first month through the fourth year, second month).  Talk to your child’s teacher about reading ranges and your child’s personal capabilities. These accelerated reading tests may also be taken at home. For each test taken and passed the student receives points. Each book has a point value. Points of each book vary and are assigned by the company, not by the school. Some teachers will set goals for their students as to how many points they need to have by the end of each quarter. This method will keep the student keep focused on reading, learning, and having fun earning points too. They enjoy watching the points accumulate and even have little contests of their own against their friends.  The library boasts a “Reader Leader” board for each grade level.

Directions on how to take an Accelerated Reader test

Visit the Renaissance Learning “Accelerated Reading” website

Mrs. Seaburn and her group of volunteers have made it simple for student to come to the library and find a book exactly in their range. All the books have AR stickers on them with information such as Title, Author, Test number, book level, and number of AR points the book is worth and also a colored dot for the level of each book.

Overdue library books:
If your child’s book is more than one week overdue they will be assessed a fine of $.05 per day. Reference books are overnight checkout only and late fees for those are $.10 per day. Days that the school is closed are not counted as late days. Once a week overdue slips are sent home with each child.