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Destination Imagination winners!

Posted on: March 22, 2017
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Congratulations to our district Destination Imagination winners!

Students form teams of up to seven members select their preferred challenge from the area of  STEM, Improv, Visual Arts or Service Learning, and then spend about four months developing and practicing their challenge solution. Teams then showcase their solutions at a regional tournament. All of the academic challenges are designed to teach students the creative process, learn how to design and manage a project, and help bridge the gap between what students learn in school and the skills they will need to thrive in an ever-changing economy. 

The D.I. Diamonds from Bridgetown Middle School chose to compete in the Technical Challenge. This involved designing and constructing a stage that could move at least one team member, develop an opening and headlining act, and create a technical effect for each of the acts. They took first place in the technical challenge at the Regional Destination Imagination Tournament.

They will be advancing to the State Tournament in April. In addition, they were one of two teams, out of 85, to receive a DaVinci Award for extreme creativity!

The C.O. Harrison 'Wild Ones' team also competed at the tournament. They won over 14 other teams to earn a spot at the state D.I. Tournament on April 4, their second time making it to the state level!

The 'DI Pros' team from Springmyer Elementary took first place in the Engineering Challenge. This is the first year doing DI for all team members and they are very excited and proud.