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Route for the Oct. 2 Homecoming Parade

Posted on: September 27, 2019
Oak Hills Marching Band

Homecoming 2019 kicks off with the Homecoming Parade, which leaves from C.O. Harrison Elementary at 6 p.m., on Oct. 2.

Here's the route:

From the C.O. Harrison parking lot, left onto Neeb Road 

Left to Muddy Creek

Right to Westbourne

Left to Greenway

Left to Woodhaven

Right to Moonridge

Left to Lawrence

Left to Ebenezer to Oak Hills High School parking lot







From the CO Parking Lot...a left onto Neeb Rd to Muddy Creek.
A left onto Muddy Creek to Westbourne 
A right onto Westbourne to Greenway
A left onto Greenway to Woodhaven
A left onto Woodhaven to Moonridge
A right onto Moonridge to Lawrence
A left onto Lawrence to Ebenezer 
A left onto Ebenezer to the Oak Hills Parking Lot