Bridgetown Middle School News

Two OHLSD students earn Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts

Posted on: March 4, 2019
two boys in scouts uniforms

Boy Scout Troop 44, chartered by the Bridgetown Middle School PTA, is proud to announce the achievement of Eagle Rank of two of their scouts, Jacob Doerger and Anthony Weinmann. 

Jacob successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review on September 11, 2018, and Anthony completed his on December 3, 2018. This is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to achieving the highest rank of the Boy Scouts of America.

Jacob Doerger is currently a sophomore at Oak Hills High School and was a student at Bridgetown Middle School. He is a student-athlete and high academic achiever, while also participating in the music program (playing clarinet).

Anthony Weinmann is currently in the 8th grade at Bridgetown Middle School and will be moving to Oak Hills High School in the fall of 2019. He is also a student-athlete, a high academic achiever and member of the band (playing saxophone).

Jacob and Anthony will continue to be active members of the troop and look forward to taking on advanced leadership roles in the troop while helping younger scouts on their journey to Eagle.

Troop 44 regularly meets on Tuesdays at Diamond Oaks and is actively seeking new members. Please contact Scoutmaster, Dave Weinmann at [email protected], or Chartered Org Rep, Brent Baldwin at [email protected], with any questions about our group.