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BMS students thank veterans in Washington, D.C.

Posted on: August 3, 2017
Student shakes hand with veteran in Washington, D.C.

Eighth grade students from Bridgetown Middle School traveled to Washington, D.C. in May 2017. Mr. Joe Toney, the trip coordinator and middle school math teacher and coach, gave the students an assignment during the trip. They were to write a thank you letter to a veteran. Once in D.C. the students were to find a veteran, personally thank them for their service and give them the letter they wrote.

"It is a really neat thing to see, the veterans are all so taken back that a group of young kids are thanking them," Toney said. The class received nearly 20 letters back from veterans thanking our students for thanking them and giving them the letter.

Great job, Bobcats! #highlanderstrong

Letter back to BMS students from a veteran they met.

Copy of letter from a war veteran to BMS students

Another letter of thanks from a veteran. 

Copy of a letter from veterans to BMS students