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Happy birthday, from the Green Twp. Police

Posted on: September 23, 2019
Green Twp. Officer Mikhale Buck congratulates a Bridgetown sixth-grader on his birthday

Magic happens when officers come to school to celebrate a student's special day -- the magic of Birthday with the Badge.

Bridgetown Middle School sixth-graders celebrate their classmate's Birthday with the Badge

Even though it was his birthday, BMS sixth-grader Brayden Spies thought Sept. 23  would be a normal day at school -- until members of the Green Township Police Department and Citizen's Police Academy rolled into his classroom with gifts and treats. 

Brayden is the first student this year to be chosen for Birthday with the Badge, a nonprofit effort that recognizes a deserving student and helps build stronger relationships between young people and police. The program was started two years ago by Green Township Police Sergeant Brian Ibold and his cousin, Bruce Ibold. Now the surprise ceremony includes volunteers with the Citizen's Police Academy, the school principal and counselor, parents and special family guests. "We think it's a great idea," said Brayden's mom, Rachael Arnold. "It makes the kids feel good, and it lets them know the police are there for them, to keep them safe." 

Besides gifts for the birthday celebrant, there are treats and gift bags for every student in the class, and special gifts for other students having birthdays during the month. 

Green Township officers always go to special lengths to be at the celebrations, but this month's were extraordinary. Several officers came directly from apprehending a suspect. Others, like Officer Ben Moore, arrived after working the night shift, then directing morning traffic at two other schools.

"We were out there doing our job and then we came over here," Officer Mikhale Buck told the class, with fresh mud stains on his uniform from pursuing the suspect. "Being here is even more important -- we're here to celebrate you."