District News

Oak Hills Local Schools is dedicated to fairness, justice, inclusiveness and compassion

Posted on: June 6, 2020

As we watch our nation struggle with issues of racial bias, inhumanity and violence, Oak Hills Local Schools reaffirms its belief in respect, concern and the empowerment of all our students, all our families and all our staff. Our first step now and as we return to school this fall, will be to listen. We need to admit what we do not know, what we have not experienced and what we do not yet have answers for. Our second step is to continue to give our students voice, and to seek to help them understand recent events, their nation’s history, as well as themselves and each other.

Every day, in every school, we work hard to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness, compassion and support for every student and staff member. That is not where our efforts -- or our nation’s efforts -- can stop, but it is the only place they can begin. We pledge to be a place of safety, belonging, respect and support for every Oak Hills student, parent, staff member and community member. 

Every public institution must be responsible -- and accountable -- for its own actions and behavior, including public school systems and law enforcement. We understand and support the scrutiny these institutions must undergo, and the high standards of conduct they must be held to. As we affirm those standards, we also affirm our appreciation and gratitude for our local law enforcement units, including the Delhi and Green Township Police Departments and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department. We have been and must continue to be partners in protecting, supporting and uplifting our local community, and in making sure we are on the side of all that is just, fair, compassionate and good.