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Seniors create legacy murals in mile-long hallway

Posted on: May 21, 2018
Images of three murals

Ms. Kopf's and Ms. Schorsch's Painting and Mixed Mixed Media students have been busy creating murals as a culminating collaborative project over the course of the past month. Each Painting and Mixed Media class designed and created one mural panel that communicates some of the key events that have taken place on both a local and global level over the course of the 2017-18 school year.

The Art and Design Department intends for this to become an annual legacy project for students in the Painting and Mixed Media course. Each year, the panels will be installed in the "Mile-Long" hallway and will begin to communicate a visual timeline of events throughout the students' time as Highlanders at OHHS.

The seniors kicked off the inaugural Legacy Project this year with the design of a mural that communicated the essence of their experience over their past four years at Oak Hills High School. Ms. Schorsch's Painting and Mixed Media class created a mural design focusing on the Fiona craze in Cincinnati, celebrating the removal of manatees from the endangered species list, as well as the solar eclipse and Space-X launch this year.

Ms. Kopf's class design a mural focuses on the BLINK event in Cincinnati and celebrating unity and diversity in communities.