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"What do you need all those pockets for?"

Posted on: October 25, 2019

Oakdale Elementary students were full of questions -- and no shortage of awe -- when Green Township firefighters visited their classrooms.


October is Fire Prevention Month, and Oakdale students took its lessons to heart as firefighters talked to them about smoke alarms, calling 911, never returning to a burning house for pets or belongings, and encouraging their families to have designated outdoor meet-up sites in case of a fire. 

Firefighter Jim Duke demonstrated what gear a firefighter wears, and how quickly he or she can put it on if there's a call. Colleague Matt Schmithorst told them firefighting is a good career and "a good opportunity to help people."

After lively classroom question-and-answer sessions, the students went outside to see all the equipment and gear stored on a firetruck. And they found out that they have something special in common with firefighters. "It takes 240 hours of schooling to be a firefighter," Mr. Schmithorst told them. "Firefighters constantly go to school, just like you guys."