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P.B.S. (Positive Behavior Support)

Positive Behavior Support is a behavioral system currently in place at J.F. Dulles Elementary. It is a system that has several functions of helping students understand appropriate behavioral choices throughout the school environment. The first component of Positive Behavior Support is teaching expectations in common areas.  The JFD community spent a great deal of time building a matrix that describes behavioral expectations in  each of the common areas. These common areas include, hallway, restroom, lunchroom, carpool, bus dismissal and recess.  The children participated in specific lessons that clearly delineate how behaviors should look, act and sound!  In turn, the teaching of the matrix creates an understanding that is universal across the grade levels and school environments as to the expectations of all who attend J.F. Dulles Elementary.

Also, three designated expectations are the over arching goal for our building community. The phrases, “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe”  is the central message of Positive Behavior Support.  These ideas carry over in all environments of the school community.

Children are continually encouraged to make the appropriate choices through praise and a systemic acknowledgement system.  When a staff member notices a student making good choices, power paws are awarded.  Students place a power paw ticket  in an office mailbox designated for this specific purpose.  At the end of each month, power paw winners are randomly selected from the power paw mailbox. By student choice, the award chosen has been a pizza party with the principal. Multiple children from each grade level join the building administrators for a luncheon to celebrate the great choices being made.

Furthermore, entire classes are given the opportunity to be acknowledged through classroom power paws.  Teachers then designate acknowledgements  to their classrooms based on ideas given by students!  Various random awards will also be shared to students on an intermittent basis in between power paw luncheons. This will be done by both administration and staff.

The teachings and acknowledgements associated with Positive Behavior Support lend to a continued atmosphere of strong academics in a physically and emotionally safe atmosphere.

It is with proven success, that the JFD community continues its dedication to the ideals of Positive Behavior Support.

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