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Hamilton County Council of PTA’s Outstanding Council Educator/Educator of the Year Award

This award honors an eligible staff member or teaching team at Dulles who has contributed over and above what their job requires for the children of Dulles or the Oak Hills School District.

The following guidelines should be considered:

Eligible nominees include principals, teachers, counselors, other certified educators, and teaching teams.
Participates in activities involving youth.
Exemplifies one or more objectives of the PTA.

Objectives of the PTA:

To promote the welfare of the children and youth in home, school, community ad place of worship.
To raise the standard of home life.
To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.
To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.

Nominations for this award are typically taken sometime between November and January.

Past winners:

2004-2005:  Mrs. Sandy Kurtz
2005-2006:  Miss Kristin Henlein (now Mrs. Feichtner)
2006-2007:  Mr. Paul Feichtner
2007-2008:  Mrs. Suzanne Duwel-Glassmeyer
2008-2009:  Mrs. Ann Ferguson
2009-2010:  Mrs. Jennifer Brown
2010-2011:  Mrs. Vanessa Wellendorf
2011-2012:  Mrs. Kellie O’Brien
2012-2013:  Mrs. Latishie Wodetzki

Friend of Children Award

This is a Hamilton County Council (HCC) of PTAs award to honor someone who has shown a special interest in helping children.  The effort made does not need to be PTA related.  Possible recipients could be tutors, PTA volunteers, scout leaders, teachers, administrators, newspaper editors, or corporate executives.  The recipient will receive a Friend of Children lapel pin and a certificate.  In addition, a donation is made in the name of the recipient to the HCC of PTA’s Scholarship Fund.

Past winners:

2004-2005:  Ms. Patty Hons, Ms. Barb Harding, Pastor Paul Ray and Oak Hills Assembly of God, and Mrs. Carolyn and Dr. Barry Ross
2005-2006:  Ms. Nancy Thomas
2006-2007:  Mr. Steve Cox, Mrs. Mary Asher, Mr. Marty Link, Mr. Paul Feichtner, and Mrs. Kristin Feichtner
2007-2008:  Mrs. Barbara Brown, Mrs. Kathy Levinson, Mrs. Mary Frances Bell, Mr. Terry Broughton, Mr. Steve Coyne, and Mrs. Diane Misins
2008-2009:  Ms. Kathy Hasenmueller and Mr. Chris Dam
2009-2010:  Mrs. Dianne Thomas and Dr. Charlotte Kirkendall
2010-2011:  Mrs. Kristy Berra, Mrs. Nicole Brinkman, and Mrs. Elaine Leibel
2011-2012:  Mrs. Sandy Jorden and Mr. Steve Cox
2012-2013:  Mr. Don McGinnis

Partners With PTA  Award

This award is and Oak Hills District PTA Advisory Council Award.  The award honors individuals who have given their time and talents to any of the PTAs in the Oak Hills Local School District.  The recipient can be an individual or group of individuals.

Past winners:

2004-2005:  Kristy Macke, Renee` Streder, Cagney & Weisker Realtors, Cheviot Savings Bank
2005-2006:  Brian & Staci Lillis, Kathy Moorman, Carol Young
2006-2007:  Mary Alice Malott, Kelly Kremer, Gerry Schneider
2007-2008:  Dana Price, Patti Frondorf
2008-2009:  Lois Robertson, Jennifer Brown
2009-2010:  Karen Budde, Kathy Hasenmueller, Peggy Bepler
2010-2011:  Jill & Linus Ryland, City Barbeque Restaurant
2012-2013:  Deanna & Jeff Wall, Theresa Westfelt, Don McGinnis