Delshire Elementary School

Preschool Program

Preschool Staff

Krista Andriacco Occupational Therapist Delshire
Mary Berger District Itinerant Teacher  
Katie Bourgeois Early Childhood Intervention Specialist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Krista Carroll Occupational Therapist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Nancy Cartwright Speech/Language Pathologist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Diana Chappell Instructional Aide for S. Zimmerman J.F. Dulles Elementary
Lisa Cox Instructional Aide for A. Morreale J.F. Dulles Elementary
Steve Coyne Early Childhood Intervention Specialist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Kaitlyn Crean Early Childhood Intervention Specialist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Betsy Farwick Instructional Aide for S. Zimmerman J.F. Dulles Elementary
Katie Fenbers Instructional Aide for J. Schehr C.O. Harrison Elementary
Karen Floyd District Preschool Administrator Asst.  
Krista Hack Speech/Language Pathologist Delshire Elementary
Amanda Hochscheid Instructional Aide for K. Bourgeois J.F. Dulles Elementary
Cindy Jacobs Instructional Aide for K. Crean J.F. Dulles Elementary
Tanya Kist Physical Therapist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Mary Knuth Preschool Psychologist Delshire/C.O.H. Elementary
Annette Kosmac Preschool Psychologist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Michelle Langdon Occupational Therapist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Sara Loving Early Childhood Intervention Specialist Delshire Elementary
Joan Luebbe Instructional Aide for K. McClure J.F. Dulles Elementary
Katie McClure Early Childhood Intervention Specialist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Amy Morreale Early Childhood Intervention Specialist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Cathy Mullaney Speech/Language Pathologist J.F. Dulles Elementary
Lynne Rinear Instructional Aide for S. Coyne J.F. Dulles Elementary
Jen Schehr Early Childhood Intervention Specialist C.O. Harrison Elementary
Diane Unkrich Speech/Language Pathologist Delshire Elementary
Wendy Williams Instructional Aide for S. Loving Delshire Elementary
Sara Zimmerman Early Childhood Intervention Specialist: Social Communication J.F. Dulles Elementary


Oak Hills Early Childhood Program


The Oak Hills Early Childhood  Programs, located at CO Harrison, Delshire, and J. F. Dulles Elementary Schools, provide a multi-age classroom for preschoolers focused on supporting Kindergarten Readiness Skills for our district’s 3, 4, and 5 year olds.  

Click here to learn more about Ohio's Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Our philosophy is based upon developmentally appropriate practices and the individual needs of the children. Programming is planned to meet each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs as the child passes through predictable and sequential stages of development.  The child-directed, teacher supported exploration and learning experiences are designed so that each child can construct knowledge at their own developmental level and pace. Trust, social interaction, and play are the foundations on which children develop problem solving skills, language, and self esteem.  We recognize the importance of working closely with families and acknowledge family involvement as an essential and vital component of the total learning progress.  

Our multi-age preschool programs follow a sequential learning curriculum throughout the integrated program which allows all children, typically developing and children with disabilities, to gain a broader perspective of the real world.  This curriculum is an organized framework that guides developmentally appropriate practices in the learning environment and encompasses the developmental domains; social, emotional, cognitive, physical, to foster a child’s success through active learning. 

Click here to learn more about the Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards

Program Times and Locations

The Oak Hills Early Childhood program is located at J.F. Dulles and Delshire Elementary Schools. Each site offers two sessions per day.

      AM     PM
CO Harrison     8:50-11:35 a.m.   12:45-3:30 p.m.
Delshire   8:15-11:00 a.m.    12:15-3:00 p.m.
JF Dulles   8:50-11:35 a.m.   12:45-3:30 p.m.


Special Education Preschool Services:  Please contact Megan Spetrino, Preschool Supervisor, at 574-3443, if you have questions about the screening process or special education preschool services for children age 3, 4 and 5.  

Typical Preschool Services:  Registration applications can be requested by contacting Karen Floyd, Preschool Secretary, at 722-7144, or by contacting the main office staff at any elementary school office or district board office for assistance.

Preschool Family Resources

Preschool Handbook 20-21

Preschool Calendar 20-21 COMING SOON

Emergency Medical Authorization Requirements

Preschool Medical Form: Required annually by your child’s doctor

Immunization Guide

Fees and Tuition 20-21

EZ Pay Instructions: Obtain student ID number from your child’s teacher