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2022 Spring “Celebrating Art” OHHS Art and Design Students to Be Published

Posted on: April 25, 2022 8:00 am

“Celebrating Art” is devoted to the promotion and appreciation of student art. The intent of their student art contest is to motivate student artists. The top entries are published in an anthology that will record the creative works of today’s student artists.

Students recently submitted work and 45 OHHS Art and Design students were invited to be published in the Spring 2022 “Celebrating Art”!  Only the best art is selected to be included in the full-color hardbound art book, “Celebrating Art”. Additionally, final judging for “Top Ten Artist” and “High Merit Artist” awards will be completed and announced soon. The following students should feel honored. This is not a contest where every entry is invited to be published and is a highly selective competition. Thousands of entries were not invited to be published. Being published represents a lot of talent, hard work, and dedication from students.

Congratulations to the following students:

From Ambs’ Art Foundations classes: 

Zahraa Abuzaara
Irem Bakici
Scout Estes
Candace Middleton
Adriana Schupp

From Dignan-Cummins’ Ceramics, Honors Enamels, Mosaic, and Glass, and Sculpture classes:

Aether Meyer
Bethany Bachman
Brayden Hall
Brooke Watkins
Carly Shiplett
Corey Willett
Grey Baldwin-Friedhoff
Haley Renner
Kelsey Gallagher
Leah Stolla
Lilly Keith
Matthew Burg
Madison Kemplin
Paige Stockhoff
Sarah Bosse
Stephanie Herold

From Kopf’s Digital Art Foundations and Painting and Mixed Media classes:

Sophia Boone
Matthew Burg
Teagan Charles
Emma Clark
Stephen Haas
Gabrielle Joseph
Molly Lorenz
Layla Salvaggio
Mary Shelton

From Schorsch’s Drawing and Printmaking, Art Foundations, and Studio Art AP 2D Design and Drawing classes: 

Anna Ackman
Kylee Adams
Molly Audretch
Sydney Berting
Emma Brunner
Anna Caito
Ellie Cox
John Gray
Flynn Koehler
Raegan Louis
Riley Ludwig
Sophia Osborne
Anne Riley
Mars Shorten
Sarah Young

Check out all of the artworks that will be published here: