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Congrats Oak Hills HS Honor Band Participants!

Posted on: January 15, 2020 11:00 am
Congrats Oak Hills HS Honor Band Participants!

We would like to highlight and congratulate the 24 Oak Hills HS students selected for the 2020 O.M.E.A. District 14 High School Honor Band this year. 

Students were selected and placed into one of two honor bands after a rigorous live audition process against over 300 high school students from over 30 high schools that make up the Ohio Music Education Association's District 14. 
For the second year in a row, Oak Hills HS had the most students selected for participation out of all 30+ high schools. Students performed an incredible concert this past weekend at Princeton High School after only three days of rehearsals with a special guest conductor. 
A huge congratulations again to these individuals on this incredible honor!
First Name Last Name Grade Instrument
Connor Allen 12 Trombone
Becca Bauer 12 Flute
Mason Bencurik 10 Trumpet
Madi Bosch 12 Bass Clarinet
John Breadon 12 Percussion
Alissa Carlson 10 Bass Clarinet
Ben Cornell 12 Flute
Liz Dailey 11 Trombone
Mason Deitsch 11 Percussion
Ryan Dittelberger 11 Bass Trombone
Lauren Dorsel 10 Horn
Noah Girdler 12 Percussion
Taylor Glover 12 Horn
Aiden Gregg 11 Trumpet
Lydia Langlitz 10 Alto Saxophone
Stephanie Lawson 11 Percussion
Josh Liedhegner 12 Baritone Saxophone
Andrew Moreland 10 Alto Saxophone
Gabe Patrick 11 Euphonium
Maya Readnower 12 Clarinet
Jack Testerman 12 Trumpet
Rylie Thornberry 9 Clarinet
Dominic Young 12 Clarinet
Rachel Zucker 11 Percussion