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OHHS Art and Design Student's Powerful Documentary About COVID-19

Posted on: April 29, 2020 10:00 am

OHHS senior Taylor Glover created a powerful documentary for Mrs. Gibson's Video Technology class about her impact of the COVID-19 on the lives of community members.

In the planning of her documentary, Taylor wanted to focus on publicizing. Taylor stated, "It will show the viewers an inside look at the topic and make certain details known. It’s going to spread awareness on the topic. The subject matter of my documentary is how the coronavirus is affecting Cincinnati. Since this is a very strange time we are living in, I thought it would be cool to document the experiences we are having during this time. I’m going to try my best to record how we are dealing with coronavirus locally, to show an inside look at how our area is feeling and what we are doing".

Taylor focused on the effect of the first pandemic in 100 years on Cincinnati, more specifically Hamilton County, and how people in her hometown are dealing with the Coronavirus. She worked to give a personal, detailed, twist on the telling of the events and interviewed other's to gain their perspectives and discuss their experiences. All interviews were conducted online which further demonstrates how the Coronavirus has affected our society directly.  In conducting her interviews, Taylor asked her subjects to consider the following items that are currently on many people's minds:

How have you been feeling on this stay at home order?
How have you been coping with it?
How long do you think this will last?
Are you hopeful about the future?
What have you been doing to keep life as normal as possible?
How are you staying connected with everyone?
How has COVID-19 affected you personally and professionally?
It’ll add personality to the documentary.

Throughout her composition of the documentary, Taylor considered the use of a variety of long, medium, and close up angles to keep the audience engaged and used tripods, cameras, and lighting to create a professional grade product. She considered the use of close-ups to create drama, medium shots for interviews, and long shots for landscapes. Taylor emphasized that for interviews in-person "they won’t be as close up because I wanna show through the filming that we have to stay 6 ft apart".

You can watch Taylor's Documentary here:

COVID-19 Documentary: Created by OHHS Senior Taylor Glover