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OHHS Art Foundations Students and Streetvibes

Posted on: February 3, 2023 3:00 pm

Advocating Justice; Building Community

OHHS Art Foundations students recently wrapped up a project focusing on the role of art as a tool for activism. Inspired by the works of German Expressionist Kathe Kollwitz and Cincinnati artist Thom Shaw, students designed and created relief prints from linoleum blocks that communicated social issues that they were compelled to voice their opinion on in an effort to educate others.

Students from Melissa Ambs’ Art Foundations classes will have their prints published in the next edition of Streetvibes! Streetvibes is an alternative newspaper and part of the international street newspaper movement. Focusing on homelessness and social justice issues, Streetvibes reports the often-invisible story of poverty in our community. Streetvibes is also proud to include creative writing, poetry, articles, photography, and interviews written by homeless and formerly homeless individuals. As a progressive news source, Streetvibes serves an educational function and also provides a forum for dialogue for those often left unseen and unheard. It is published twice a month by the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, largely with the help of volunteers.

Congratulations to the following students on their selection for publication, and be on the lookout for more OHHS artists featured in upcoming editions of Streetvibes!

Bre Barker
Addison Kress
Alexis Singson
Julien Cortez
Maria Pitchford
Alyssa Miller

image (1).JPGimage.JPG