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OHHS Design Student Addressing COVID-19 Through PSA Poster Design

Posted on: March 30, 2020 3:00 pm
OHHS Design Student Addressing COVID-19 Through PSA Poster Design

Students in Mrs. Gibson's Adobe Photoshop class recently completed their PSA project. The goal of the assignment was to design a PSA (Public Service Announcement) poster that included a DC or Marvel Comic Hero or Villain to draw attention to a Global Issue. Artist Connor McNeil created a poster, based upon research and extensive planning, that addressed the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Connor's Artist Statement:
My image includes a space background with two photoshopped images to the right, one of an image of the actual virus and one of people in gas masks disinfecting the streets. My image has the earth in the background because Coronavirus is a world problem. Star-Lord is in the center because he is the hero that will fight Corona and is informing the public about it. Lastly,  I added the symptoms and ways of protection to make the community aware of how to stay safe from Coronavirus.

I chose to make a PSA poster about Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19) because it is a big problem in the world and in the United States. Now it’s a growing issue in our community.