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Signs of Spring: Save Local Waters Updated Event Information and Planting Piece Projects

Posted on: April 23, 2020 12:20 pm

Here's a little something to brighten up your raining day!

It's Raining Barrels!

The Rain Barrel Art Project was created to promote the use of rain barrels throughout the Ohio River Valley area through a creative and educational medium. The Rain Barrel Art Project desires to educate people on environmental issues like stormwater runoff, watersheds and water conservation.

Rain barrels continue to grow in popularity across the country. However, one of its biggest drawbacks is their dull appearance. Some people are less likely to use them given their negative aesthetic impact on residential and commercial landscaping, even though they conserve water and save money. The “Save Local Waters” initiative believes that producing beautiful artistic rain barrels that have unique painted details will make them more desirable and naturally increase interest to promote their use.

This year, Ms. Kopf’s Painting and Mixed Media students created 3 Rain Barrels for the event. The effects of COVID-19 impacted the original display and auction dates that would have taken place today...but the event will still go on with the following revised dates!

The Rain Barrels will be on display at the Cincinnati Zoo from July 1st-28th and the online auction will take place from July 18th-28th. On July 28th all auctions will be final and an Artist Reception will take place at the Twilight Tuesday event.

IMG_5912.jpg             IMG_6449.jpg

Planting Peace

The Painting and Mixed Media students have been busy this year! In addition to the Save Local Waters Rain Barrels, students have been hard at work preparing flower pots for the Christ Hospital Guild and a special grant project. Be on the lookout for the finished products in the future!