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The Oak Hills tradition of outstanding art

Posted on: September 6, 2019
art work by student Mackenzie Sexton

Still Life by Mackenzie Sexton

Celebrating Art hosts an annual competition promoting the best student artwork. Thousands of students entered. Oak Hills High School is proud to have 20 students honored.

The following students' artwork will be published in the Summer 2019 Celebrating Art anthology: 

Allyson Albertz, Carlie Becker, Jordan Chaille, Mariah Geiger, Millie Helmers, Alexis Hetzel, Chloe Howie, Rebecca Kaiser, Mia Kuchenmeister, Lily Lang, Alyssa McRoberts, Audrey Meyer, Abigail Miller, Cailee Plunkett, Zach Riehlmann, Sabrina Ryland, Madeline Schwoeppe, Emma Sedlack, Mackenzie Sexton and Destanie Sexton.