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Veteran receives Oak Hills diploma!

Posted on: August 29, 2016
Veteran receives Oak Hills diploma

In March of 1974, Oak Hills High School junior Rick Guilfoyle made the decision to serve his country in the greatest way possible, by joining the United States military. After the passing of his parents, Guilfoyle was faced with challenges that many students his age couldn’t imagine, and hoped to improve his future by serving his country. This choice however, had Guilfoyle leaving high school before he could finish the year and receive his diploma.

Thanks to the work of Governor Kasich in 2012, Guilfoyle can now receive his well-deserved high school diploma. The law allows high schools to award diplomas to any veteran who served in World War II, Korean conflict or the Vietnam War and left high school prior to graduation due to family circumstances to enter the armed forces.

On August 15, 2016, principal John Stoddard was pleased to present Guilfoyle with his official Oak Hills High School diploma.

It is with pride and joy that Oak Hills High School can now call this hometown hero, Rick Guilfoyle, a Highlander graduate! Welcome to our alumni family, Rick!