How To...

Report an Absence: 

Dial 347-2970, then 2, then 9. This hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is VERY important that the student’s name, grade, and reason for absence are left on the hotline.


Absences are excused when the reason relates to personal illness of the student, illness in the student’s family, death in the family, quarantine for contagious disease or religious reasons. Each student who is absent must immediately upon return to school make arrangements with his/her teacher(s) to make up work missed.  Students who are absent from school for reasons not permitted by state law may or may not be permitted to make up work.  Each case will be considered on its merits by the principal and the respective teacher(s).  Notification must occur as early as possible the same day that the student is absent from school.

Obtain an Early Dismissal:

Always send a note with the student on the morning of the early dismissal. Notes may be sent prior to the day of the early dismissal. Please avoid calling the office for an early dismissal to minimize disruptions to classroom activities.

The note for early dismissal needs to contain the student’s grade, date & time of early dismissal, reason for leaving, phone number of the parent/guardian signing the note, and parent/guardian signature. Please have the student bring the note to the front office no later than the morning of the early dismissal and he/she will be issued a pass for dismissal.

Arrive to School Late: 

Please call the absence line if your student will be arriving to school late. It is also very important that the student arrive with a note containing the student’s name, grade, date, time arriving, reason for tardiness, and parent/guardian signature. Students will be issued a pass admitting them to class when they check in with the front office.


1. Tardiness occurs when a student arrives at school after the designated starting time; however, due to the various modes of transportation involved in moving students from home to school, three classifications of tardiness will exist.

a. Non-chargeable Tardiness - This occurs when the delay is caused by the lateness of a yellow school bus, whether it is operated by the school district or a commercial company and for other good reasons common to many students in the school on a given day. When non-chargeable tardiness occurs the students shall have the right to make up any work missed and no record of tardiness shall be made on the report card.

b. Chargeable Tardiness - These are recorded on the report card:

1) Excused - When lateness is caused by inclement weather or other good reasons, the student shall have the right to make up work missed.

2) Unexcused - This would normally occur when a student moves from home to school by walking, driving or riding with friend or family and is late for school. Students who are tardy may or may not be permitted to make up the work.

Principals make the final determination whether a student is excused or unexcused.

2. Tardiness will be defined as being up to two hours late. When lateness extends beyond two hours but less than three and one-half hours, it is classified as an absence of one-half day. Absence of more than three and one-half hours will be counted as a full-day absence.

We appreciate your support emphasizing the importance that your child is on time for school.