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Ms. Reigers, School Psychologist ([email protected])

Mrs. Pelphrey, School Psychologist ([email protected])

Mrs. Sarah Godfrey, Children's Hospital, School Therapist ([email protected])


The goal of the RRMS Counseling Center is to support all students academically, socially, emotionally and mentally in order to help them develop into productive members of our society. We strive to do this in collaboration with students, parents and guardians, educators, and members of the local community.

Our mission is to advocate for the unique needs of each of our students. We provide academic and personal counseling to our students to help them improve their academic achievement and reach their personal goals. RRMS counselors can also connect families to community resources when ongoing support is needed.

We conduct problem-solving meetings with teams composed of parents, teachers, and the student throughout the school year to discuss and address individual behavioral or academic concerns and/or goals.

Schedule Change Policy

Students will have the first two weeks of the school year to request schedule changes concerning their Encore classes, however, these requests will only be granted if there are openings in the class requested. After the first two weeks of the school year there will be no schedule changes made unless a student is placed in an incorrect level of class.