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Going green!

Posted on: November 10, 2016
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Going Green

This November, the Oak Hills Local School District will be taking steps to help reduce the amount of waste produced in each of their schools and educate students about recycling by participating in the Hamilton County school recycling program. The big kick off begins on “America’s Recycle Day,” November 15.

By adding recycling options to each cafeteria, the District hopes to reduce the amount of waste leaving each school. Hamilton County is helping to make this effort possible by providing disposal tables to help students make educated decisions when disposing of their lunch waste. Choosing to increase the recycling effort in the buildings through the support of Energy Optimizers, USA also helps to reduce district spending and maintain jobs outside of the district.

In addition to financial benefits for the District, the program will help to bring awareness to the value of recycling and engage with students to “go green.” By encouraging recycling in the schools, students will learn about correct items to recycle and the long-term effects of adopting the process. From reducing waste in landfills and preserving natural resources, to conserving energy and creating jobs, students will have the opportunity to directly impact our community while learning in the process. With the Hamilton County program, students will be encouraged to develop leadership skills and also have to chance to take field trips to local waste and recycling facilities.

By taking steps to reduce and recycle waste in each of its nine district schools, Oak Hills is promoting environmental leadership in sustainable ways.