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Oak Hills' Google for success story

Posted on: August 3, 2017
Google logo for Google Education

In 2016, the Oak Hills Local School District was selected as one of only a few districts across the country to partner with Google for Education and participate in a case study that highlighted the district's use of Chromebooks and Google tools. At this year's ISTE conference, the Oak Hills Impact Portrait was released.

Our Google for Education Success Story highlights some of the reasons the district moved to Google tools and Chromebooks, as well as shows the benefits to Highlander students on a daily basis. See the Google's blog post here.

"Google's apps and extensions help to provide various levels of support to each of our students," Cassie Raabe, OHHS IVS shared. "They are easy to use and are always available when the kids need them. Because of Google, we are able to differentiate instruction and provide support to each individual student like never before!"