C.O. Harrison Elementary School News

Thank you!

Posted on: September 6, 2017
Green Township Police and Hamilton County Sherriff


We’d like to thank the Oak Hills community, parents and Highlander friends for the outpouring of support shown for all Oak Hills High School students during today’s protest. Thank you to the Green Township Police and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department for their assistance in planning with school officials to ensure the safety of our students and counter-protesters. We appreciate our partnership and are thankful for your service to the Oak Hills School District and our community.

“Today showed our resilience and why Oak Hills is such a special place,” Oak Hills Local School District superintendent Jeff Brandt added. “Our student body is diverse and we strive to meet the needs of and support all of our students.  When faced with adverse situations like today, our parents and community were supportive of our plan and that the safety and well-being of our children remain top priority. Thank you to our staff, parents and community leaders.”

"We are proud to have an environment at Oak Hills High School that is safe and welcoming to all students,” Scott Bischoff, Oak Hills school board president said. ”Inclusion, tolerance and respect would seem to be standards to uphold rather than protest."

“OHHS supports all of our students and respects diversity within the student body and our clubs, including the Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA) that the protesters specifically mentioned today,” OHHS principal Travis Hunt said. #highlanderstrong