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It is important that all children receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day. These procedures apply in the event that a child does not have a meal nor the funds to purchase a meal.

Elementary Buildings and Delhi Middle School

Students may charge up to five (5) breakfast meals and five (5) lunch meals.  Once a student reaches the charge limit, the student will be offered an alternative meal.  An alternative lunch consists of a turkey sandwich/ham sandwich/cheese sandwich, a choice of vegetable, fruit, and milk. Students who have outstanding debt, but are paying for their lunch, shall receive a regular lunch even though they carry a debt.   Any student with a negative balance is unable to make a la carte purchases until the balance is paid in full.

Bridgetown Middle School, Rapid Run Middle School, Oak Hills High School

Students may charge up to $7.50. 

Payment Options

Families can pay for meals using the online EZPay system.  Funds added via EZPay will not post to accounts for 24-48 hours.  Families can also send in cash or checks to pay for meals.  Funds can be brought directly to the cafeteria and are immediately available for use.

Collection Efforts

Families will be notified of the delinquency in the student's account on a monthly basis. Letters will be sent home regarding outstanding balances. 


At the discretion of each Principal, a school or private service fund may be established to pay for student’s charged meals, rather than to offer the alternative meal. The building Child Nutrition Manager will work with each Principal to determine a payment schedule for these meals.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.