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Middle School Information

Middle School Math

Middle school math courses are aligned to the 2017 Ohio Learning Standards for Mathematics. Currently, the sixth and seventh-grade math programs within the Oak Hills Local School District have both regular and advanced math courses. Students are recommended for placement in math class based upon a combination of IOWA test scores, historical AIR results, and past classroom performance. At this time, both grade levels are using the Digits Mathematics Program. Students study a variety of math topics including algebra, geometry, number sense, measurement, data analysis and probability.

All 8th-grade math course offerings are taken for high school credit. Students are recommended for Honors Algebra I, or Applied Algebra-based upon a combination of IOWA test scores, historical AIR results, and past classroom performance. Students in Applied Algebra are using the Digits Mathematics Program and students in Algebra I use the Glencoe Algebra I program. Each class is designed to accelerate student growth in preparation for future mathematics courses at Oak Hills High School. 

Middle School English Language Arts

The Oak Hills Local School District is strongly committed to helping each student develop the diverse literacy skills needed for success in the 21st Century. To support the attainment of this goal, two research-based English Language Arts programs, Expert 21 and READ 180 Next Generation, are utilized to meet the needs of our students.

Expert 21 utilizes a combination of explicit instruction, inquiry based learning, relevant literature and informational texts, real world writing and projects as well as supportive technology. For more information, visit Scholastic.

READ 180 utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized reading instruction, build essential literacy skills for college and career readiness, provide valuable skills practice, and supports the application of reading and writing strategies to other subjects such as social studies,math, and science. For more information, visit Scholastic.

Students in 8th grade at each middle school have the opportunity to take an advanced level language arts class. Students participate in the Honors English I curriculum and earn high school credit for this course. Students focus on growing the skills required to be successful in AP level English courses once they reach the high school level.

Each student’s academic performance data from multiple sources will be reviewed to determine which program best meets the student’s academic needs.

Middle School Science

In 2014, Oak Hills adopted Science Fusion as its science curriculum. Science Fusion is a science program designed to build inquiry and STEM skills as well as optimize learning in the classroom, at home, on a laptop, tablet, or using a science textbook.  The digital curriculum, virtual labs, hands-on activities, and write-in science textbooks help students develop important critical thinking skills that prepare students for success in future science courses and the workplace. Leveled readers and video-based projects help reinforce and enrich important concepts.

Information regarding the Science Fusion curriculum

Middle School Social Studies

Students in grades six through eight receive daily instruction in Social Studies content. The current instructional program pulls from a variety of materials and resources and is designed to develop the student’s mastery of the Ohio Revised Standards in Social Studies. The new standards directly address the 21st-century skills of civic literacy, financial and economic literacy and global awareness. Descriptions of the middle school social studies themes can be found here.

CogAT and IOWA Testing

The CogAT test measures students’ learned reasoning abilities in three cognitive domains most closely related to success in school: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and nonverbal reasoning.  The Iowa Assessments are achievement tests that assess students’ skills in reading and mathematics. 

These tests have been approved by the Ohio Department of Education for gifted identification and provide additional data that may inform instructional practices.  Students in 2nd grade will be taking both the CogAT and IOWA tests. Students in 4th grade will be taking the IOWA tests and students in 6th grade will be taking the CogAT.

Oak Hills uses Cogat and Iowa results to reliably measure skills and abilities important for academic success, help plan effective programs for students, and screen students for placement into special programs.

AIMSweb Assessments

As part of a comprehensive intervention process at Oak Hills Local School District, our schools have a process for identifying at-risk learners with a research-based, universal screening process in the areas of Reading and Mathematics. When students are identified early, interventions can be delivered, and teachers can respond with effective instructional strategies in a timely manner.  Many forms of assessments are used by the teachers and staff at Oak Hills to assist in this intervention process, but one common assessment that is used for the purpose of identifying at-risk students for possible intervention services is called the “AIMSweb Assessments”.  All students in grades K-8 are assessed three times per year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) with brief, curriculum-based assessments for Reading and Math with the AIMSweb assessments. If students are in need of interventions, they are then progress monitored using AIMSweb in a web-based tracking system which allows students, parents, and teachers to visually analyze the student’s growth with progress monitoring reports. The AIMSweb data is always used in conjunction with other assessments that are gathered at the various grade levels to support the curriculum.  Please contact your child’s teacher, school psychologist, or school counselor to discuss the AIMSweb results at any time of the year.

Information about the AIMSweb system

Response to Intervention (RTI)

In 2008, the Oak Hills Local School District began a district-wide initiative to implement the Response to Intervention Process (RTI) to address the unique learning needs of ALL students.  RTI is a multi-tiered approach that focuses on the early identification and support of students across all domains of learning.  RTI helps educators determine what levels of academic, behavior, and social/emotional support each student needs in order to reach their future goals.  RTI begins with Tier 1, which consists of high quality, research-based instruction for all students.  For students that need extra support in addition to the core curriculum, Tier 2 interventions are identified and provided, which are typically delivered through small-group interventions matched to the students’ needs by the classroom teacher.  For those students needing intensive supports, individualized Tier 3 interventions are implemented with frequent progress monitoring.  The multi-tiered approach allows teachers and parents to collaboratively determine appropriate services for each student based on the student’s response to high quality instruction and interventions.  If you feel your child is in need of intervention services, please contact your child’s teacher, school psychologist, or school counselor for assistance.

For more information about the RTI process, please visit the U.S. Department of Education’s Website on RTI

Gifted Services

Students are identified as gifted when scoring at or above the 95th percentile on the Reading and Math sections of the IOWA test, which is administered in grades 2 and 4. Students may also be identified by having a composite score index of 128 or higher on the CogAT exam, which is administered in grades 2 and 6.

Superior Cognitive and Specific Academic Reading students in grades 4 and 5 will be served by a gifted certified Language Arts teacher and/or Gifted Intervention Specialist. Students in grades 6 and 7 will be cluster grouped in Language Arts and will be served by the gifted certified Language Arts teacher through a differentiated curriculum. Superior Cognitive and Specific Academic Mathematics students in grades 6 and 7 will be served by the gifted certified Math teacher in Advanced Mathematics Courses.

In grade 8, Superior Cognitive and Specific Academic students in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies will be served in high school credit classes.

Download the Gifted Services Model and Entrance Criteria

Progress Book

The Oak Hills School District uses Progress Book to record and report grades for each student.  Parents and students are able to view their grades throughout the quarter and their report cards at the end of each quarter.  If you do not have a log-in for Progress Book, please contact the secretary in your students’ building.

To be able to see your student’s progress throughout the quarter and final report cards, please click on this link to access Progress Book.

Conferences and Registration Meetings

Oak Hills Middle Schools offer families the opportunity to meet with their child and a staff member to discuss their student’s progress and assist in the registration of classes.  “Check and Connect Conferences” are held in the fall prior to the end of the 1st quarter.  The primary purpose of these conferences is to update families on student progress and set plans for increasing a student’s growth academically, socially and/or emotionally.  “Registration Meetings” are held in the spring during the 3rd quarter.  During these meetings staff members assist students and families in the school registration process.  The dialogue centers on a student’s future plans, a reflection of the student’s readiness level through standardized measurements and the opportunities available to students through the Oak Hills course selections and Pathways to the Future. 

High School Credit Classes in Middle School

Oak Hills is proud to offer our middle school students a rigorous curriculum that provides a wide variety of classes and assessments that can meet high school graduation credit requirements. Students have opportunities to earn high school credit, if:

  • a student meets the appropriate academic requirements
  • a student’s schedule can accommodate the classes
  • a student’s parent(s) approve the registration

Furthermore, various credit can be earned during all three middle school years as outlined below:

6th Grade

German I and Spanish I credit can be earned if students are enrolled in the classes and they successfully “pass” the district end of course assessment.

7th Grade

German I or II and Spanish I or II credit can be earned if students are enrolled in the classes and they successfully “pass” the district end of course assessment.

Any successful completion of 2 semesters of fine arts credit (music or art) will fulfill the Ohio High School graduation requirement.  However, the classes will not count towards the 22 credits needed to graduate from Oak Hills High School.

Health credit, taken on-line, can be earned by “passing” the course.   Students can enroll in this course beginning in the summer following a student’s 7th grade year.

8th Grade

German II or III and Spanish II or III credit can be earned by “passing” the course.  This credit will count as one elective credit.

Algebra I credit can be earned by “passing” the course.  This credit will count as one math credit.

Applied Algebra credit can be earned by “passing” the course.  This credit will count as one math credit.

English I credit can be earned by “passing” the course.  This credit will count as one English credit.

Fitness Education I credit can be earned by “passing” the course.  This credit will count as 1/2 physical education credit.

Health credit, taken on-line, can be earned by “passing” the course.  Students can be enrolled in this class during either semester of 8th grade or during the summer following 8th grade.

Elective credit can be earned by “passing” the course(s):

  • Early American History
  • Integrated Science
  • German 1A/1B and German II
  • Spanish 1A/1B and Spanish II
  • Language Immersion I
  • Language Immersion II
  • Language Immersion III
  • Any fine arts class (music or art) – also, these classes fulfill the Ohio Graduation requirement of two semesters of fine arts.