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High School Home

Posted on: May 15, 2017

by Abby Kromme

As I end my junior year at Oak Hills High School, and realize I’ve finished 11 out of the 12 years I will spend as an OHLSD student, I have been looking back on all of the memories I have made. Throughout my time at the high school, I have gained friends I’ll have for a lifetime, and I have made “stories to tell the grandkids.” All of my amazing experiences are thanks to my involvement in various sports teams and clubs. My high school experience would not be nearly as enjoyable if it weren’t for my involvement. Only second to taking your academics seriously, finding something you’re passionate about to fill the short four years is the best thing you can do for yourself.

I found my “high school home” through athletics and leadership organizations. My freshman year, I played volleyball and track as well as joining the Class Officers where I was given the position of Vice President of my class. When many of my classmates complained about the horrors of their freshman year, I could never relate. I never experienced floundering as a small fish in a big sea or feeling out of place, because I always had someone to smile at in the hallways.

The past two years, the school has gotten even smaller. After being cut from the volleyball team this past fall, I challenged myself to leave my comfort zone. I joined the tennis team, Oak Hills’ first women’s lacrosse team, and I participated in the school musical. I was also appointed to participate in the National Honor Society, and was chosen to be one of the two junior executives. Through these various activities, I was able to revitalize my home in Oak Hills and create friendships with students I had never even seen before. I have made companions in each grade level, from current freshman to those who were seniors during my first year of high school. These relationships and the memories I have made with them would never exist if I did not push myself to try new things and find places that make me feel like I belong.

While not everyone enjoys athletics or gets an NHS letter their sophomore year, there is a place for everyone at Oak Hills. I challenge each and every student to find theirs. Even if you are going into your senior year, it is not too late to get involved. With 13 women’s sports, 14 men’s sports and over 200 clubs, it is guaranteed that you can find a group you’re passionate about. For animal loving students, we offer an equestrian club where members interact with horses. From riding to grooming, the club members create relationships with both the horses and the other students. Oak Hills also has bowling teams, feminist club, gymnastics, anime club, student council, history club, and mock trial; the list goes on and on. No matter your interests, our enormous school has you covered. Being involved will turn the giant, overwhelming sea of people into a familiar pond of friendly faces. It will change a negative high school experience that you can’t wait to end into a positive one that you will always look back on with a smile. Get involved, find your “high school home.”