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Highlander Summer Opportunities

Posted on: May 8, 2017

by Abby Dye   

Are you ready for summer but have nothing to do? There are plenty of things to do this summer beyond just playing on your phones. There are the classic things like hanging out with friends or even just going to the local pool. But we Highlanders are not content with the “classic things”; we like to get involved and and do something meaningful.

Before leaving for summer, talk to your counselor about available opportunities for volunteering around Cincinnati. And incoming seniors, don’t forget that you can use all your volunteering experience when you apply for college in the fall. Oak Hills has a site organized for students interested in volunteering. Colleges love seeing individuals who are willing to volunteer their free time by helping their local communities.

Top Volunteering Opportunities

  1. The Library- You can help stock books and volunteer with reading programs.

  2. Church- You local church may have volunteer hours

  3. Cincinnati Children's Hospital- Playing games and reading to children always put a smile on their faces.  

Because Oak Hills dismisses for summer early, use this to your advantage to score that coveted internship or job. Since you’ll be out of school a week before everyone else, businesses will be dying to hire you. Even if you’re not quite 18, you can still check out local grocery stores or fast food restaurants.

Local Employment Opportunities

  1. Become an entrepreneur- It is easier than it sounds. Print out fliers this summer offering babysitting, dog walking or even yard work and wait for the calls.

  2. Seasonal employment- Working at community pools, day camps, landscaping and nurseries.

  3. Apply to local businesses- Check out your local grocery or restaurant for job opportunities.

  4. Education At Work- For those 18 or older this allows you to earn tuition for college. To apply click here.

  5. Kings Island- If you are a thrill seeker you would love working here.

  6. Newport Aquarium- Summer Wave Camp Counselor must be 18 and meet the  requirements listed.

  This summer offers numerous opportunities for everyone.  Think outside the box and help your community or go out for a job. It will be more beneficial than just playing on your  phone. It's essential to achieve as much as you can this summer of 2017 and beyond.