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Champions Again

Posted on: February 13, 2017

by Ethan Cundiff

  Winning is one thing but winning championships, that’s another story. Tom Brady, Serena Williams, LeBron James have won multiple championships in their respective sports. For some people, winning comes natural to them, while others have to work for it. For two Oak Hills students, winning is pretty important to them, as they have won multiple tournaments, awards, and trophies in their sports.  

  Nick Goldfuss a senior wrestler, has been one of the most dominant wrestlers here at Oak Hills over his four year career. Nick wants to win, having over 100 career varsity wins and winning the GMC championship back to back the past two years. Nick has been pushed everyday by teammates and coaches and has grown substantially as a wrestler. Goldfuss is one of the best wrestlers that has ever been at Oak Hills. Talking with him about his GMC win all he had to say was, “It felt great winning my second GMC title, however, It will feel even better when I win a state title in March.”

  Junior diver Elizabeth Cron has taken winning championships to a new level. Cron has won three straight GMC championships in her first three years as a competitive swimmer. She has shown lots of improvement and has committed herself to hours of practice each week. There were a lot of people behind her during this past GMC championship; she explained that  all of her family, friends, and the whole dive team being there helped Cron.

  ¨Most of all, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my coach Brandon Unthank. Brandon has coached me since I was ten years old at Oak Hills Swim and Racquet, and I owe my years in this sport to him. So yes, it was a great win on Friday, but it wasn’t just my win; it was the whole swim and dive team that won, and I thank everyone on this team for helping me get there,¨ stated Cron about her win over the weekend.