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Do Selfies do More Harm than Good?

Posted on: January 4, 2017

by Brenna McDermott

 Everywhere you look, it’s selfie central. You get on instagram and notice someone posted a new selfie with a cute little caption, or you see people taking selfies with the snapchat filters. All the ladies love taking a good selfie, but can they be more harmful than uplifting? 

  • Selfies create privacy risks. 

 Facebook has face recognition and it is said that the company processes 350 million photos every day. That is providing information for commercial and other types of exploitation. The FBI collects this information for catching criminals or terrorists, but the new “Faceprint” may soon be used in ATMs, to unlock your phone, or even when paying with a credit card. The NSA can also tell where a photo was taken outside and match your face with the photo even when you are inside.

  • Selfies can cause an addiction.

Trying to get that perfect selfie can be hard. We all can relate to trying to get a good Instagram selfie. Most of the time, you can’t take one that’s worthy enough to post or you just can’t think of  the right caption. It can make some people very angry, if they can’t get the perfect selfie. There is one case where this kid committed suicide because he couldn’t get that perfect selfie and he had tried for 10 hours that day to get it. He took on average about 200 selfies. He is now in rehabilitation and he is gradually learning to live without his Iphone.

  • Not yet a disorder, but….

Some people played a prank on the American Psychiatric Association. The pranksters posted a bulletin claiming that there was a new disorder called “Selfitis”. There are three stages in the disease which ranged from borderline (about 3 selfies a day) to “Chronic Selfitis” where you take multiple photos of yourself everyday and post them 6 times a day. This whole prank went viral and people started to get worried. Once the dust had settled, they revealed that it was just a prank.