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Leadership Retreat 2017

Posted on: December 1, 2017

By Katelyn Powers

Jim Rohn once said, “Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.” For the past five years, Oak Hills High School has hosted a Leadership Retreat, as the legacy was left behind by former students, Charlotte Flanigan, Emily Dull, and Jenna Duebber. This year, the retreat was held at Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton, Ohio from Sunday, November 12th to Tuesday, November 14th. Although, the weather consisted of rain, wind and the cold, nothing could stop the students from having the time of their lives.

Each year, clubs and organizations nominate future student leaders to attend the retreat. Then, an amazing group of Junior and Senior student leaders who have previously attended were able to take time out of the beginning of their school year to plan the Leadership Retreat, so that the students who got invited were able to enjoy it. The participants were treated to a guest speaker, challenges, activities, and the always popular high ropes course. Senior, Elizabeth Cron, who helped with the small group portion said, “I think it gives our student leaders a way to meet each other, learn more about themselves and leadership, and have a little fun in the process.”

The leadership retreat brings out the best in the students of Oak Hills. Participants are seen smiling and working together in a fun manner. As you walked through the fields and passed the other groups around you, you could hear the students exclaim how much fun they were all having. Everyone was laughing and getting along great. During the Highlander Games, cheers came from every corner of the room as the students watched the teachers go head to head in a game consisting of slinkies and their foreheads. At the high-ropes course, the students doing the obstacle above you were screaming of fear mixed with a rush of excitement.  As the retreat ended with the guest speaker, Mr. Allen, the students were at the edges of their seats, wanting to hear more about the theme “Work for a Cause, Not the Applause.” One of the participants, Olivia Cates, said “The activities had a very positive effect on me. At first I wasn't looking forward to continuous outdoor activities for two days straight, but I actually had a wonderful experience.”

The students were able to enjoy themselves and they got to know the teachers outside of the school atmosphere. From the planning to getting down on the dance floor, the 2017 Leadership Retreat was nothing but success, once again.