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Penny Wars- Follow Up

Posted on: March 13, 2017
Tags: Penny wars
National Honor Society students

NHS students counting pennies after school

Thanks to National Honor Society’s executives Elizabeth Cron (junior) and Cara Roche (senior), Oak Hills’ annual Penny Wars was a huge success. Through the selling of t-shirts and daily class collections, they raised a grand total of $2,800. Mr. Boles and Mrs. Murphy’s first bell classes were neck and neck throughout the whole month of February, until the 28th when Mrs. Murphy’s class donated $310.60 in a single day. Her classroom raised  $463.89, beating Mr. Boles’ class by $35.09 with their total at $428.80. Other notable classrooms were Mrs. Jenemann’s, Mr. Groh’s and Mrs. Taylor’s classes, all raising over $100 each. Mrs. Murphy’s class received a First Watch breakfast as thanks for their great contributions, but every class who donated is a winner. Every penny helps out an American Heart patient, and Oak Hills helped make an incredible difference!