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The Oak Hills Color Guard

Posted on: September 26, 2016
Tags: Color guard
OHHS Color Guard

By: Abby Kromme

    This year, Oak Hills High School has introduced a new and exciting addition to the halftime show: The Color Guard. These athletes dance along side of the Oakettes and Majorettes to the powerful music of the Marching Band. The Color Guard interprets the music with their various flag, rifle and saber routines in a way that brings a fresh, new twist to the football games. According to Mr. Jim Green, the band director, “The way that most people will notice the color guard is by the work they do with flags. Oakettes have used flags before during the show, but color guard groups in most bands typically use flags that are much larger than what the Oak Hills Band and Oakettes have used before. By having three groups of students that focus on visual art work during the show, we give the audience more to observe and perceive during our performance.” Many of the students have found their people, their passion, and their home in the Guard. These students have been brought together into a team where they will make countless memories and have endless fun. They meet more than most clubs, and can even earn a gym credit for all of the hours they spend working to perfect their choreography.

Color Guard

With all of the great things the Color Guard is bringing to the high school, it doesn’t make any sense that there is constant negativity being spread about them, and to them. As with anything new, there is always an adjustment period. One member said, “I have heard gossip, but I try to overlook criticism. Despite what we hear, we all stay positive.” The Color Guard works tirelessly to promote more school spirit at Oak Hills. They are more than happy to entertain the Oak Hills students during their halftime shows. While being a part of the color guard is beneficial for the members, the group is made for the audience. The sole purpose of the group is to bring energy to the crowd. Guard member Anjela Lehmkuhl said, “Being a new group, we don’t have anyone to look to except ourselves. We have a huge responsibility on our shoulders to set the bar for what is to come of the Oak Hills Color Guard.” It is clear that they are making improvements between each and every football game performance. The school would improve in more ways than one if all of the students would be more open minded to new groups of people such as these athletes.