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The Oak Hills Swim Team

Posted on: December 14, 2017

by Olivia Young

The swimming season has arrived and us Highlanders couldn’t be more excited. It’s a sport with traditions, amazing people, and  memories that all the swimmers enjoy. It's a sport that isn’t admired by the school, but after talking to Cameryn Swagler, who is currently on the swim team, I was thrilled to learn so much.

 Most of us know that the Oak Hills swim team bleaches their hair blonde and they do this as a tradition at the end of the year for big meets. When I think of the swim team, I imagine practices to be fun and easy, because who wouldn’t love to be in a pool and swim. That is not the case. The practices are normally three hours everyday after school and the intensity of practice depends on if they have a meet coming up or not. Before swim practice starts they swim 5x75’s. One would only hope the water is a perfect temperature that’s enjoyable and relaxing. Sadly that’s not the case and the water is freezing cold and doesn’t have to be a certain temperature. All the swimmers wish the water was warmer but they still have lots of fun and they don’t let the cold water distract them.

 Cameryn Swagler, a current junior, has been swimming since her sophomore year of high school.She joined the swim team because it seemed like a good experience. Additionally,she had friends who were on the swim team so that made it much more exciting for her. Cameryn's best experience she’s had while being on the swim team is being a part of the team bondings. When they’re all together they always have the most fun.  By the end of the season, Cameryn hopes to accomplish a better score from last year. During her 5o free swim her score was 32.7 seconds.

If it's one thing the Oak Hills swim team has most of its teamspirit. When they aren’t swimming in a meet they’re cheering and rooting on for their teammates. I hope they have an amazing season this year, and bring home trophies.