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Tragedy Strikes Local Florida High School

Posted on: February 20, 2018
Father and daughter reuniting after tragic event

by Kelsey Schwegman

In the last five months, three of the deadliest mass shootings have occurred in the United States, one of them being this week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Around 2:40 Eastern Standard Time, approximately 17 people were killed. In 2017, the US saw around 346 mass shootings. As of yesterday there were approximately 30 mass shootings this year and the number appears to be climbing. Identifying the shooter by name gives into his want for 15 minutes of fame and although authorities are still unsure about motive, it can be assumed he is looking forward to media attention. So rather than recognizing the killer of so many loved one's, we should honor the victims and offer support.

With further investigation, the FBI was able to get information on said shooter, who had been expelled for disciplinary reason. There was even information given about the former student being obsessed with a girl at the high school, even to the point of stalking. Students that knew the shooter explained that he was a troubled kid who bragged about killing animals and constantly showed off weapons. According to Psychology Today, the biggest way to identify a school shooter are as follow; acts of violence, history or emotional and mental disturbances, obsession with weapons, and a highly dysfunctional family. With that being said, from Parkland’s school shooter’s history he shows many clear signs that point to his as a potential school shooter. With as much coverage as the killer is getting from the mass shooting make information on the tragedy at easy access. It makes me think that I am not the first to make the connection, so why wasn't anything being done to protect the city of Parkland, Florida.

But that doesn't mean the city of Parkland is completely at fault here. As America’s own president, Donald Trump, puts it, the shooting was about how emotionally disturbed the school shooter was. He further encouraged people to report suspicions of a trouble individual. But under the law, a police officer cannot do anything about a ‘suspicious’ student unless he does something illegal. So how much help does that do? None.

To be clear, I am not writing this to scare everyone about when or where the next mass shooting  it's going to happen. I want everyone to be aware of the signs and what they can do. Pay attention, be aware, and most importantly be friendly to everyone. Although it sounds stupid, being nice to someone could mean the difference between life and death. Lives could be spared just based on you actions. I have heard many times today how far Oak Hills School District has gone to keep us safe. What I’m more worried about it how far disturbed people will go for fame, which includes topping America's list of deadliest mass shootings.