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Underrated Books: Valentine's Day Edition

Posted on: February 14, 2018
Tags: Books, Reading

by Morgan Higgins  Valentine's Day is here and love is in the air. Couples are around every corner giving each other presents and kisses left and right. For those of us who haven't found that special someone, but want a little love in our lives, I have compiled a list of Young Adult Romance stories for you to read. 

I’m pretty sure this series was the first to get me really into some love stories. When I first started reading it, only the first two books were out and I have to wait year after year for each of the next ones to come out. It was a pain, but it was worth it. I spent about two days on each book, that’s how much I loved it. My friend, Lilli, finished one book in a day.

The Selection: Kiera Cass

A futuristic take on The Bachelor. The US has become a monarchy after China took over. The King’s Son is the heir to the throne and needs a wife to do so. 35 girls throughout the land and of different classes are picked to compete for his heart. Who will win over the 5 books series?

Part 1: (The Prince)

- The Selection

- The Elite

- The One

Part 2: (The Couple’s Daughter)

- The Heir

- The Crown

This book got me hooked on this author. I ordered every single book that was like this that she wrote. I read this in the span of 8 hours (over two days) and then read the other two in a day. One each day, I don’t have that much free time.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: Jennifer E Smith

A boy and a girl, Hadley and Oliver, meet each other at the airport. They bond over their flights being delayed and create an even bigger relationship. They end up on the same plane and sitting right next to each other, going to the same city. Will they end up together forever?

It was at this point where I loved books about relationships. This one took me a bit longer to read. I had to restart the book two times because I read two chapters and then I would get so busy that I couldn’t read at all. Then trying to read it again felt like a lot of effort. But once I did end up reading it and finishing it (within two days) I loved it. This book is also by a girl on Wattpad and two of her works have been published so I had to support her.

My Life with the Walter Boys: Ali Novak

Jackie is being sent off to live with her aunt and uncle and their family...which consists of 12 boys (not all of them actually being related to her). During the story she starts to develop a relationship with some of them, but who will she choose to be with?

I hope this helped you on your book adventures. If you need any more ideas for books to read you can email me at [email protected]