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Boys Basketball Continues to Climb

Posted on: January 25, 2017
Tags: Basketball

by Ethan Cundiff

  This boy’s basketball team is on the rise. Remember earlier when the season first started and I said that this team hopes for city dominance? Well, these Highlanders have shown that this year they aren’t messing around. Just over half way through the season the team is 13-2 (9-0 in the GMC). The Highlanders are led by two seniors, Ryan Batte and Luke Rudy, both averaging over 13 points per game and getting production from their two guards, senior Cam Naber and junior Nick Deifel. Another key factor in the team’s success is the depth that they have, when you are able to have to have people come off the bench and help, not just with scoring, but with fundamental,s such as defense, to go along with the two eminent seniors that are leading the way, it’s fair to say that you are in pretty good shape. Talking to junior guard Nick Deifel about how the team has had so much success, he said, “The team’s chemistry and how we work and play well together is how we’ve been so successful.”

  The team was looking great going into the Jr Orange Bowl Classic tournament down in Florida over winter break, and they came back with a third place finish. Some may think that third place isn’t so good but looking at it, this team didn’t just come back with a third place finish. They played with some of the top teams in the state and they had an edge on their shoulder after only finishing third.

  “As veterans I think we have pushed the younger players to work hard and get better everyday. We have also brought the younger guys into get extra work and I think that’s paying off,” added Deifel about how the team has came together to continue the success after the tournament.

  After the JR Orange Bowl Classic, this team has shown and proven that they do not quit. We can see that this team has heart and an act for winning, as shown in the Elder game. These boys showed breathtaking composure in that game, by coming back from a 17 point deficit to beat their rival school on the road in front of a sold out crowd. This team wants to prove to the city and the state that they are for real. They are leading the GMC conference, sitting in second in the city and climbing up in the state rankings.