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General Information

Delhi Middle School Policies

The policies of Delhi Middle school are designed to be both specific to Delhi and yet remain within the policies established by the School Board for the entire Oak Hills Local Schools District. The following section contains the polices developed for Delhi and links to the District policies where appropriate.

Medication Policy

Students are not permitted to carry any prescription or over the counter medication on their person.  All medication that a student is required to take during school hours must be taken to the health clinic at the beginning of the school day.  Prescription medications must be delivered to school by a responsible adult in its original container with a completed Permission to Administer form signed by the physician and parent. When a dosage change occurs, a revised Permission to Administer form signed by the physician must be resubmitted.  Over the counter medication  must be in its original container and requires a parental note indicating the medication name, dosage and time and date(s) of administration.  If a parent anticipates their student will need the over the counter medication throughout the school year, a Permission to Administer form signed by the physician will be needed.  Please see  OHLSD Nursing web page for the Permission to Administer medication form. other medication forms and additional vaccination information.

Failure to follow this policy could result in a ten-day suspension with a recommendation to the superintendent for expulsion.

**All incoming 7th grade vaccination requirements: 1 booster dose of T-dap and 1 dose of Meningococcal (MCV4) is  required PRIOR TO ENTERING THE SEVENTH (7TH) GRADE. Call your health provider now to make an appointment for the vaccines and receive the updated shot record.  The updated shot record showing the dates of the 2 vaccines must be returned to school within 14 days of starting 7th grade.

Emergency Medical Authorization (EMA)

If you were in the district last year, you will use the same username and password to login to the online EMA form to perform the mandatory update and confirmation of existing contact information and emergency medical information. If you are new to the district, you will register your information to create an account and link to your student(s). You can access the form at by clicking on “Sign Me Up”. Parents have access throughout the school year to update and make changes as needed. If any users need assistance, please contact the school secretaries.


Available to create a student lunch account or pay student fees. Parents who would like to use the on-line system must first create an online account. You will need your student’s ID#.  Your student’s ID number can be obtained in Progress Book or by asking your student.  A convenience fee will be assessed for items such as prepaying lunch balances, student instructional fees, participation fees and all other fees on EZ Pay. If any users need assistance, please contact the school secretaries.

One Call Now

OHLSD uses One Call Now, an automated parent notification service, to allow us to contact thousands of parents within minutes.  This system allows school personnel to keep you updated quickly and efficiently with personalized messages and helps you, as a parent, stay actively involved in your child’s education.  Accurate Contact Information is imperative!  If you have new contact information (address, phone # or email), please update on your students EMA and inform the school office throughout the year as changes occur.