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Delhi Illusions

What was once an after school audition-only Show Choir is now being offered to 8th grade students as a full year course for high school credit.  This is an elite course for students who are serious about pursuing music and are willing to put forth much time and energy towards it.  Students in this course will expand their vocal skills, choreograph their own dance moves, and be involved in a variety of performance venues both during and after school (including but not limited the Naturalization Ceremony, Grandparents Day, Veteran’s Day Assembly, Academic D Breakfasts, singing the national anthem at home athletic events, singing at evening concerts at the school, involvement in the school musical, and taking tours to sing at community venues such as nursing homes). It is expected that students will commit their time outside of the normal school day if necessary.  Students enrolling in Illusions may need to have at least one year of prior Vocal Music experience (through Vocal Music class in 6th and 7th grades, or through Illusions/ Select Choir in past years) AND be approved/recommended by the teacher.