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Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen is an interscholastic writing competition open to 7th and 8th grade students.  Interested students begin early in the year to prepare for the competition(s) district, regional and state by practicing after school.  The competition(s) begin in December and take place on Saturdays.  committed to being the leading interscholastic program in written expression. 

Power of the Pen:

» Delivers interscholastic tournament competitions for young writers throughout Ohio.
» Assists teachers in the ongoing task of facilitating better student writing by providing quality tools and resources to identify, challenge, and reward excellence.

» Provides teachers with an educational network that shares ideas and instructional materials to improve expressive writing skills.

The program's aim is to positively impact academic achievement overall. POP does so by providing mentor texts of excellent student writing that will serve as models for middle school students throughout Ohio this year. More than 3,500 students will compete directly in a Power of the Pen tournament.

 Moderator: Miss Simone, [email protected]