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Posted on: October 11, 2017

by Kelsey Schwegman  

 In the last edition of The Tartan, Abby Kromme and I set up a blind date between seniors Sydney Longbottom and Tyler Dunn. We only provided readers with info about how each felt before the date, leaving readers wondering how it ended. Around 6pm on the clear Saturday of September 16th the date unfolded at Larosa’s.

   Although Sydney was late, they both agreed that overall it was a pretty good date. Sydney’s favorite part about the date was how it was not awkward ,”It wasn't awkward like I had thought it would be, the conversation seemed to flow easily.” Tyler had the same thoughts, commenting on how he enjoyed that they carried on a conversation the entire date. The topic of conversation was apparently unclear, as both Sydney and Tyler gave different topics as the big one's they talked on; shark attacks seemed to be a very popular topic on their date.

   With a minor slip up, The Tartan did accidently leak Tyler’s first name during lunch, as some of the Tartan girls (including myself) sit with Sydney on a regular basis. Tyler told me one of the most memorable part about their date was Sydney's introduction “I knew it was you.” Sydney really wanted to know who it was, which she revealed to us in the first interview before the date went down. Even with the leak, they agreed that the date was fun. Being from different friend groups, the two didn't speak again until the homecoming game. For the ‘dad’ theme, Tyler and others from the Scot Squad brought their own mini grill to make hamburgers and hotdogs; Sydney being one of the few to actually get food.

   Readers will be saddened to hear that neither of them are sure of a second date. Although they still had fun, there weren't any ‘sparks’ to back up a second date. On the better side of things, neither of them had anything bad to report about each other! When asked if there was any point they didn't get along, both claimed they got along just fine.

   With as well as the date went, another blind date could be coming soon! It was seemingly fun for Sydney and Tyler and it was definitely fun for Abby and I to set up. So, if anyone has a friend they think would be a good candidate, email me at [email protected]. Any student is eligible as long as they have a good attitude and the will to have fun!