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Locate your seat!

Thank you for sponsoring a seat in the newly renovated Ione Holt Auditorium at Oak Hills High School. Below is a listing of seats and their location in the auditorium so you can find yours and snap a selfie in it next time you visit!


1986 Godspell

   In memory of Mick Telkamp- B211

   Godspell cast & crew 1986- B212

2016-2017 Drama Club

   OHHS Drama Club 2016-2017 President: Josh Ward V.P.s Paige Dornheggen & Hannah Hughes-    G209

Aichele, Gretchen

   In Honor of Heather McGowan- G212

Anderson, Grant

   The Anderson Family Grant, Sarah, Alex, Noah, Ryan- G203

Applegate, Michele

   A gift from the Applegate Family 1995, 2019, 2021- G108

ASL of Bridgetown

   Artis senior Living of Bridgetown- E206

Aufderbeck, Paul

   Jade, Grace, Katie Aufderbeck Triplets Class of 2015- F210

Ayers, Sherry

   Mallori Christine Ayers- A105

Bartels, Andrea A.

   Paul Bartels- 1984 Anna Bartels- 2005 Graham Bartels- 2015- A106

Bashara, Kristi

   In honor of the Bashara Boy: Garrett 2022 and Griffin 2024- A210

Bavely, Stella

   A gift from Stella ‘92 & Elliott Bavely- S215

   In Honor of Joyce & David Spence- T216

   In honor of David C. Spence Class of 2015- U216

   In honor of Timothy S. Benjamin Class of 2021- V216

   In honor of William H. Bavely Class of 2030- S301

   In memory of Eric Thiess Class of 1993- T301

   In honor of Mrs. Trish Harris- U301

   A gift from the 1992 ladies of Steel Magnolias- V301

Berninger, Jeffrey

   The Berninger Family Christina, David, Daniel- G302

Berting, Tiffany

   The Berting Family, Kevin, Tiffany (Clark ‘98) Prestin ‘25 and Sage ‘27- G202

Bischoff, Scott

   Johnson Investment Counsel- C201-C210

Bizzarri, Linda

   A gift from the William Bizzarri Family- F303

Borcherding, Jeff and Erin

   In memory of Lawrence W. Borcherding- N215

Bosse, David and Laura

   The Bosse Family- B103

Brems, Nora (Patrick)

   Matthew W. Brems Class of 2009 Mock Trial State Champs 2007- E209

   Patrick C. Brems Class of2011 MusicalTheatre Jazzlanders & Eagle Scout- E210

   Nicholas J. Brems Class of 2015 Cross Country and Baseball- E211

Bridgetown PTA

   Bridgetown PTA- D208

Bridgetown Middle School- Into the woods

   A gift from the 2016 BMS Into the Woods cast and crew- M301

Brogan, Daniel

   A gift from Dan and Betsy Brogan and Family- B209

Brown, Scott

   A gift from Scott, Jennifer, Lauren, and Olivia Brown- T108

Buccino, Phillip

   A gift from the Buccino Family- R215

C.O. Harrison PTA

   A gift from C.O. Harrison PTA -B104

Campbell, Jen

   The JSC Family- A306

Caneris, Dr. Onassis A.

   Dr. Onassis A. Caneris Valedictorian Class of 1982- C102

   Antoinette Caneris My mother- C103

   Anthony Caneris My father- C104

Carter, Beth and Chris

   Jonah and Benjamin Carter- C105

Cheviot Charitable Foundation

   Cheviot Charitable Foundation 2017- F203-F204

Children of Eden

   A gift from the 2016 cast and crew of Children of Eden- E301

   In honor of Amy Thompson by the 2016 cast and crew of Children of Eden- E302

   In honor of Maria Palassis by the 2016 cast and crew of Children of Eden- E303

   In honor of Soula Walls by the 2016 cast and crew of Children of Eden- E304

Chowning, Julie

   Eden and Eli Chowning - B304

Class of 1967

   The OHHS class of 1967- F212

Class of 1986

   The OHHS class of 1986- F107

Class of 1994

   Oak Hills High School class of 1994- C304

Class of 2015

   A gift from the class of 2015- E108, F-H109, J-R108

Class of 2016

   A gift from the class of 2016- Z211-214

CO Harrison Staff

   The staff at C.O. Harrison Elementary School is honored to play our part- H301

Coleman, Kevin

   Our thanks to Oak Hills from The Coleman Family Kevin, Lori, Kara, Kristan, and Kaylee- L213

Conklin, Earl

   Scott, Terry, and Kim Conklin- N301-N302

Cooper, Darrell

   In honor of William Cooper- C302

Cron, Drs. Brain and Diana

   Elizabeth Cron Class of 2018- A205

Cunningham, Aaron

   Oak Hills Drumline 2012: Teall Burns, Aaron Cunningham, Michael Emerick, Ben Gourley, Nathan 

   Meyer, and Justin Schultz- D212

Cunningham, Andy and Elizabeth

   A gift from the Andy Cunningham family- Aaron 2012 and Ellie 2014- C301

Dance, Melissa

   In memory of Eugene E.Wagner Oak Hills EnglishTeacher from 1958-1995- D207

Daum, George

   A gift from George Daum- G214

Davey, Thomas

   In memory of Scott Davey, class of ‘95- D304

Dearnell, Bob & Lezlie

   The Dearnell Family- Lezlie (Race) ‘68, Bob ‘68, Scott ‘97 & Brent ‘00- D214

Dearwester, Kristina

   A gift from Kristina Dearwester- B208

Delhi Middle School PTA

   Delhi Middle School PTA 2015-2016- D204

Delshire Elementary

   Delshire Elementary School - N201

Delshire PTA

   Delshire Elementary PTA 2015-2016- Q215

Dieck, Maxwell

   In memory of Penny Pollock Dieck ‘65 from maxwell Dieck ‘98- D108

Dietrich, Sandy

   Todd ‘77 & Sandy ‘82 The Dietrich Family- A305

Doan, Sue

   In honor of Rupert Daniel Spraul ‘14- A207

Dobbs, Kim

   A gift from the Kramer Dobbs Family ‘74, ‘99, ‘99, ‘01- D213

Doerger, Dan

   A gift from Dan Doerger- D201

Dollries, Joseph

   A gift from the Dollries Family- D106-D107

Dornbusch, Arthur and Carol

   In memory of Edward C. Eckel Principal 1984-1989- E207

Duebber, Al

   Albert C. Duebber ‘66 & Debbie (Smith) Duebber ‘68- F201-F202

Durham, Maureen

   In honor of Jake Edward Durham- D105

Eckert, Chuck

   In memory of Debbie  Eckert- B207

Elchynski, Collen

   The Elchynski Family Brendan 2010, Andrea 2012, Natalie 2016, Sophia 2021- E212

Emerick, Dave and Tina

   The Emerick Family- D209-D210

Faust, Terri Beth

   A gift from Mike and Terri Beth Faust- F209

Flanigan, Suzanne

   In honor of Jamie Elizabeth Colston Class of 2016- F301

Francis, Evelyn

   A gift from Evelyn Francis and Laurie Young- B105

Green, Kara

   Dave and Kara Green and Family- B107

Hais, Charles

   In honor of Nick Hais Class of 2019- H202

Haller, Mark and Janice

   In honor of Ben Haller Class of 2011- D211

Hardtke, Karen

   In honor of Larry, Ron, Charlie, Krista, and Meredith Hardtke- L215

Harkness, James

   A gift from Jim and Bonnie Harkness- C107

Heath, Florinda

   In memory of Gerald J. Flannery- B210

Herzog, Bob & Cali

   Bob & Cali Herzog- A102

Herzog, Jane

   A gift from Jane & Walt Herzog and Family- A103

Hilsinger, Carol

   A gift from Elliott Hilsinger- H103

   A gift from Carol Hilsinger- H104

   A gift from Amy Hilsinger Elliot- H105

   A gift from Allan Hilsinger- H106

   A gift from Abby Hilsinger Gripman- H107

Hughes, Linda

   A gift from Lind Renzenkuper Hughes ‘66- H303

Hughes, TD

   T.D. Hughes ‘67- H302

Hunter, Janice

   A gift from Scott Hunter, OH class of ‘69 & Jan Hunter, OH Board of Ed- A303

Janson, Dick & Judy

   Brooke Crider 2017- J212

JF Dulles

   JF Dulles Elementary School Staff- D103

   JF Dulles Band and Strings- D104

   JF Dulles Choir 2015/2016- J301

   JF Dulles Choir: “A kids life” Directed by Alison Rack- J302

   In honor of the 2016 JF Dulles PTA Musical Cast and Crew of Aladdin Kids- J213

   In honor of Lori Wainscott ‘80 and director of JF Dulles PTA Musicals- J214

John, Christine

   In honor of Megan and Robin John- J203

Joseph, Barbara

   A gift from Barbara Joseph Honoring sons Guy, Gary, Jerry & Greg Joseph- J204

   A gift from Barbara Honoring grandsons Geoffrey & Zachary Joseph ‘00- J205

Kremer/ Western Tennis And Fitness

   In honor of western tennis and fitness clubby Oak Hills Youth Athletics- T201

Kessler, Corey

   Proud to be a Highlander! The Kesslers est. 2005- A208

Kiphart, Christopher

   A gift from the Kiphart and Hight family- K107

Koch, Spencer

   A gift from Spencer Koch- U201

Kostopoulos, Nik

   A gift from Nik ‘89 and Dana Kostopoulos-  K302

Kostopoulos, Nik and Dana

   A gift from Nik ‘89 and Dana Kostopoulos- K301

Kroger, Marisa

   A gift from Marisa Orkins Kroger- B305

Lane, Kari

   A gift from the Ruschman Family- R214

Lillis, Staci

   Staci Brand-Lillis ‘81, Megan Lillis ‘09, and Devin Lillis ‘13- L301

Lippert, Steve

   Joan Halloran Lippert ‘73- L201

   Kristen B. Lippert ‘15- L202

   Karli J. Lippert ‘19- L203

Long, Mary Arnold

   Dr. Mary Arnold Long ‘77 2017 Distinguished Alumnus- F208

Lukingbeal, Steve

   In memory of Virginia Lee Smith from Steve Lukingbeal, Class of ‘72- L214

   In memory of Mark Lukingbeal- L204

   In memory of Mary Jane Lukingbeal- L205

   Steve Lukingbeal Class of 1972- L206


   Charlene Maloney ‘65 & Jim Schubert ‘65 in honor of Marjie Salinas- B205-B206

Martin, Jason and Kelly (and friends)

   In honor of June Hill Music teacher and friend from grateful students- F207

Martini, Tina

   BRAVO Abby Martini class of 2017- F211

Mattlin, Julie

   A gift from the Mattlins- M107

McGinnis, Don

   In honor of Ryan McGinnis Class of 2020- G208

McKnight, Aaron and Theresa

   The McKnight Family Aaron, Theresa, Adian, and Alexander- M302

McMahon, Craig H204

   A gift from Dr. And Mrs. Clifton L. McMahon- H205/H206

   A gift from Craig McMahon Class of 1977- H207/H208

   A gift from Debra McMahon Class of 1980- H209/H210 H211

Meininger, Ruth

   In memory of Stan Meininger Jr. -M202

Meyer, Rebecca

   In honor of Kali Meyer- D205

   In memory of Jim Lunsford- D206

Meyer, Tom and Heidi

   Thomas Meyer Family- Nathan 2012 and Meredith 2013- C214

Miller-Bennett, Sandra

   In honor of Drama Club- G210

Miyagawa, Clyde and Liz

   A gift from Liz & Clyde Miyagawa- C213

Moorman, Kevin

   A gift from Shaun W Moorman- class of 1991- B213

   A gift from Kevin Moorman- Class of 1986- B213

Moreland, Jackie

   In honor of Alex Moreland and Martin Frebourg- E107

Murphy, Bob and Kathy

   Bob Murphy- 1975 Chris Murphy- 2013- M203

Murphy, Dan and Julie

   Gift from the Dan & Julie Murphy family - in honor of D. Matthew Murphy ‘17- M214/215

   In honor of Jim and Beth Jones- M213

Murphy, Mindy

   Kristi Hornsby Bashara- class of 1991- A209

   The Murphy Family Ron, Mindy, Tyler, Tanner, and Trenton- M201

Namie, Marc and Margaret

   Luke Namie- N202

Nemeth, Daniel

   In honor of Madeline and Charlie Nemeth- H203

Nemeth, Kathleen

   Daniel Nemeth ‘89 Therese Nemeth Gossett ‘92 & Christa Nemeth Stilz ‘96- V201

Newman, Kevin

   In memory of Darcy Rose Newman- U107

Oak Hills Alumni and Educational Foundation

   A gift from the Oak Hills Alumni and Educational Foundation- A301, A302

   In memory of Marjie Eppensteiner Salinas ‘65- B302

   In memory of Roger Salinas- B204

Oakdale Elementary

   2016 Oakdale Elementary Staff and Students- Q201

Oakdale PTA

   Oakdale PTA 2015-16- P201

Oetzel, Judith


OH PTA Advisory Council

   A gift from the Oak Hills PTA Advisory Council 2016- F302

OHHS 1971 Reunion Class

   OHHS class of 1971- G213

OHHS Choral Boosters

   A gift from Choral Boosters 2016-17- G211

OHHS Class of 1966

   OHHS class of 1966- F206

OHHS Class of 1993

   A gift from the Oak Hills High School class of 1993- A204

OHHS Class of 1995

   A gift from the OHHS class of 1995- H108

OHHS Orchestra

   A gift from the OHHS Orchestra 2015- 2016- A104

Padur, Theresa

   In loving memory of Dick Roche from the Padur Family- F108

Palassis, Maria

   Niko & Maria Palassis in honor of their children, Michael ‘99 Christos ‘01 Andrew ‘03, Chryssoula

    ‘06 and Nicholas ‘08- W201

Peter, Time and Jan

   Tim Peter ‘65 Janet Burress Peter ‘66- W213

   Sarah Peter McKee ‘91 Acted in “Working”- X212

Petroff, Sherri

   Sonny “Lee” Phillips- B106

Popp, Ann

   A gift from Ann Schweitzer-Popp Class of 1993 and family- P215

Reilly, Holly

   The Reilly Family Jim ‘81, Gene ‘83 Dannielle 06 and Evie ‘33- Y214

Rhodenbaugh, Dillon

   The Rhodenbaugh Family- C212


   In memory of Kelli Ridenour- K213

   The Ridenour Row- K201-K214

RRMS Lion King

   A gift from RRMS Lion King Jr. cast and crew 2016- R301

   In honor of Molly Caryby RRMS Lion King Jr. cast and crew 2016- R302

   In honor or the Ryland family by RRMS Lion King Jr cast and crew 2016- R303

Ruebusch, Stana

   A gift from the Ruebusch Family- L302

Sanman, Carol

   In memory of Mary Trame Stewart ‘84- C303

Schoenberger, Sandy and Bill

   Given in honor of Sylvie Brennsteiner Class of 1987- B301

Schoonover, Jeannie

   Tim and Jeannie (Rewwer ‘62) Schoonover- D301

   Jeff and Jill (Stoffregen ‘91) Eichhorn and family- D302

   Rick Stoffregen (‘89) and family- D303

Schriewer, Kathleen and Stephen

   Meggie Schriewer- U108

Schubert, Jim

   Class of 1965- A108

Sellet, Gina and Rodziewicz, Mike

   In honor of Trevor Torbeck- Class of 2019- B303

Sieve, Cheryl

   Cheryl Ann O’Leary Sieve Class of ‘67- A304

Simms, Aaron

   A gift from Phil, Debby, Aaron, Matthew, and Allison Simms- G201

Smith, Gary and Judy

   Gary and Judith Smith Class of 1963- S107-S108

Smith, Gordon and Marlene

   Gordon Smith Class of 1963- E208

Smith, Randy and Amy Robertson

   A gift from Randy and Amy (‘79), Ali (‘07), Max Smith (‘10)- B302

Springmyer band and strings

   The 2015-16 Springmyer Band and Strings- Q301

Springmyer Musical/Tiffany Berting

   “No Strings Attached”- 2016 Springmyer Encore Musical- P301

Stoddard, Maureena

   A gift from the Stoddard Family- A206

Stone, Mary

   Mary Stone Class of 1992 Steel Magnolia &proud student of Ginny Chizer- H214

Strochinsky, Greg and Bridget

   The Strochinskys Greg & Bridget ‘89 Emily ‘14 Jake ’20 Natalie ‘23- S201

Sweet, Linda

   A gift from A Sweet ‘04, ‘06, ‘11, ‘13- S302-303

Swisshelm, Kim

   A gift from The Swisshelm Family Classes of 88, 09, 11, 23, & 25- C106

Tedesco, Mike

   In memory of Patrick Stevens Class of 1988- E214

Tedesco, Paige

   Sofie Tedesco Class of 2016- E213

Tepe D.D.S., Lawrence and Jan

   Drs. Jan and Larry Tepe- C211

Thomas, Carol

   Larry Findlay and Carol Thomas-  R201-202

Thompson, Marietta

   In memory of Margaret Thomson from the Thompson Family- A201

Thompson, Sean and Amy

   The Thompson Family Morgan, Margaret, Mia, Amy and Sean (‘89)- A202

Tipton, Julie

   In honor of Larry and Patty Falk- E106

Toon, Scott

   Scott, Jamie, Drew, Erin, Kyle, and Kallie Toon- B201

   In honor of Tammy Toon Simmons ‘81 Teresa Toon Fries ‘82 Tracy Toon Conway ’86- B201

Vest, Joni

   Joni L Vest MD, Class of ‘81- E205

Vogt, Kim

   “Break a leg” Jamie Vogt, Class of 2017- H201


   A gift from the Walroth Family- F214

Ward, Debbie and Joe

   A gift from Debbie Ward (1970) and Joe Ward (1971)- A203

Weidner, Diane

   Diane Dubber Weidner- Class of 1985- E201

   Robert M. Weidner- Class of 2015- E202

   Bradley M. Weidner- Class of 2017- E203

   Samuel M. Weidner- Class of 2022- E204

Wilde, Cheryl

   A gift from the Wilde Family- F213

Wildenmann, Kim

   A gift from Jim,Kim,Evan, & Ava Wildenmann- D202

Williams, Thom and Wendy

   The William Family Class of ‘85, ‘86, ‘19, ‘22- D203

Williamson, Jim

   Jim Williamson OHHS Principal 1989-2000- J201

   Jim and Joyce Williamson- J202

Zwerin, Jay and Suzanne

   A gift from Suzanne, Jay, Mhea and Maxx Zwerin- F205