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Advanced Placement

  • 29 courses offered across all discipline areas
  • Opportunity to earn college credit through AP Exam
  • Challenging college-level curriculum

Oak Hills High School strives to offer students choices and opportunities that will prepare them for their next steps after graduation.  We have consistently offered rigorous curricular experiences that expose our students to quality instruction and college-aligned coursework. The Advanced Placement (AP) program, offering courses, is one such opportunity.

Oak Hills will no longer require students enrolled in AP courses to take the AP exam at the conclusion of the course.  While the quality of the rigorous curriculum will remain the same, students will be given the option of taking the AP Exam in May.  Students choosing to take the exam will be responsible for the exam fee for each exam taken.

Oak Hills continues to support the Advanced Placement program and highly encourages students to consider taking the AP Exam in May.  The exam opens incredible opportunities for students to earn college credits while still in high school.  Research shows that high school students who choose to take an AP exam are more likely to graduate from college than students who do not, regardless of their AP exam score. 

Advanced Placement Resources


For any AP question please see the following:

Your AP Teacher

Chris Shaffer, AP Coordinator

Scott Toon, AP Administrator