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 College Searches

SCHOOLINKS - search tools within your SchooLinks account.

Local College Disability Services Information

Ohio Private Colleges Counselor Guide 2023

Two Year College Booklet

Four Year Public Universities Guide

Ohio Public Universities - admissions stats

Ohio Private Universities - admissions stats

Kentucky Public Universities - admissions stats

Credit Transfer Resource (between 2 year / 4 year / college / universities) - Transferology

Credits Awarded for Passing AP Scores

College Search Sites:

  • Big Future - College Board
    • Create a College Board account if you don´t already have one
    • Click on ¨explore careers¨
    • Click on ¨college majors¨
    • Type in ¨want to explore college majors¨ 
    • Click on the major that most fits what you are looking for
    • Click on ¨which colleges offer a major in ______¨
    • You then have access to a filtered college search
    • Drag your top 10 schools to the bottom to save
    • Compare your schools